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3 way stop signs at 4 way intersections

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by pringa8, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Why are the needed? They just serve to confuse the sh!t out of people. One cant one direction have the right of way, while the other has to give way, like any other intersection?? There's a few around here in QBN, but none in Canberra so i haven't had to deal with them much. I f*cked up one day when i was coming down the road, stopped at the stop sign, saw a bloke coming in the direction opposite mine but he was turning. I just pulled out thinking it was like any other intersection where the turning vehicle has to give way to the vehicle going straight in their lane. I was quite suprised when he turned in front of me!! Then I realised and thought, what the f*ck??

  2. Not seen these. I can see confusion arising though. I can also imagine situations arising, with a vehicle at every stop sign, reminiscent of the cemetery scene at the end of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly :grin: .
  3. i reckon, you are talking about this fcuker right here. i know it well, and yes, it is stupid.
  4. Yep, that's the main stupid example I was thinking of! Why??
  5. i have no idea what queanbeyan city council was thinking when they decided on that one. but it has got me a couple times, as our town stockpile is off southbar, and when sealing their town streets i am constantly running to and from it. no matter how many times i go through it, i still think it is dumb, and i dont get used to it!
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  7. Nope, they're Give Way signs actually (as evidenced by the dotted lines in the satellite photo) and it is there to enable the turning traffic from High St into Memorial Drive to have right of way at all times as that is where the majority of the traffic comes from.
  8. Seeing that this appears to be an NSW specific thing could this be reflected in the thread's subject title, eg: [NSW] xxxx?

    Also, could someone post an image of the sign in question and a link to the relevant NSW road rule? It would be handy for us interstaters should we be visiting and come across this?

  9. It's not a special sign as such, just that there are intersections where three of the streets that meet at the intersection have stop signs facing them whilst the fourth does not. The relevant road rule is the same one that governs Stop signs in Victoria i.e. come to a complete stop and only proceed when it is safe to do so etc etc.
    And I think Joel has posted a Google map image of the intersection mentioned by the OP in his "this fcuker" link.
  10. that's, as you say, fcekud.

    Normally the practice is to have one through road with the others that intersect that road to have the control signs.

    I wonder what the point of doing it this way was? After all, someone has to have right of way in order to allow the traffic to clear the intersection in a controlled manner.

    When I tried to view it in Google Maps yesterday it wasn't loading for me. I'll give it another shot.
  11. Just viewed the overhead.

    That's one rooted controlled intersection. The road with the bend in it should have no signs. It should be the through traffic one.

    You gotta wonder about civil engineers and those town planners sometimes. Ginger Beers that I work with tell me that the totem pole tends to start with electrical or mechanincal engineers at the top (this changes according to which engineer you talk to) followed by the other guy next and civil at the bottom.
  12. I was always told Mechanical Engineers design weapons, Civil Engineers design targets :)

    Write to the relevant authority and ask them to explain why this intersection is required to be different than the standard practice. That the current signage lead to a dangerous situation and that you want to improve the safety of this intersection. Always invoke the magic mantra "Safety" it forces them to answer.

    I am all in favour of forcing Public Servants to be busy answering citizens enquiries it means that they have less time to dream up stupid things like front number plates.
  13. It's not just this one, there's a few just in queanbeyan and I'm assuming the rest of NSW? Dunno about the rest of the country?

    Just seems like some redundant traffic control.

    There's one right near my house, i can see what they've done. The two side streets have a stop sign (and they dont line up), the perpendicular lanes have only one stop sign, and it's on top of a hill. They've put it there to stop cars from pulling out from the stop sign on a blind hill. So why not just make that direction give way and let the side streets have the right of way??
  14. as a genera rule, in WA we dont have 4-way intersections with stop signs. But Main Roads does sometimes install 4 stop signs when they plan on changing the intersection in the future. They do this to ease people into the change. They figure its best to get everyone in the habit of stopping, so the changed intersection will cause fewer problems.
  15. There are a couple of stupid intersections like this on suburban streets around Sydney, including one I know well in Surry Hills. It's just a regular intersection, where BOTH streets have stop signs. I think it is both stupid and dangerous, because what happens is that both vehicles stop, then they realise the other guy is waiting on their stop sign, and they both decide to go. I witnessed several near collisions resulting from this... it would be a lot simpler, cheaper and safer to just have a regular intersection with no signs of any kind.

    But it seems the councils/RTA are not happy with simplicity and they will not rest until they turn every intersection into a roundabout or speed hump infested nightmare. Preferably both...
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