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. . . . @ 3 Via Antonio Cavalieri Ducati, Bologna Italy ! :P

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. #1 Mickyb V9, Mar 24, 2008
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    I've kept this quiet from most, but a few know where I am at the moment.

    So here I am ! :LOL:


    I have the factory tour on Tuesday.
    The folk here at Ducati are more religious than the folk down the road in Maranello. You see the Ferrari museum is open during the easter break, but here at Ducati - they are typical Italian roman catholics ! :grin: . . factory and museum is closed over the easter weekend.

    Some of you have probably heard also !
    I met this chic from Modena, she works as an Events Coordinator for Ferrari ! :eek:
    Man, dunno if it was the "Lynx effect" :grin: or me speaking in broken Italian to her and she would correct me ;) . . . but chit-chat on a 1hr plane ride in Seat 16A/B, swapping phone numbers and business cards later, I have a planned date with Ilaria on Wed ! :eek: . . . and maybe a factory visit ! . . . serious. she can organised it. \:D/

    Sats ?? . . . 32, single, birthday in May, only child, parents divorced, friends with Gigi Galli (Italian rally driver), did I mention she is a Events Coordinator for Ferrari ???, wants to meet again on Wed !! . . . I can go on and on, but this is a motorbike forum, ask Lou and Kim for the extra-details ! hahahaha :LOL:

    But I have a problem . . . I have a meeting in London on Wed ! :eek:
    yeah, i'm here in my hotel in Bologna thinking of what to do . . . . :? :wink: - I know its a no-brainer decision, but . . . agh, i'll sleep on it.

    I love holidays !!

    ciao !

    Pics of Ducati Museum soon . . . No factory ones since cameras are not allowed.

  2. firstly micky your a prick teasing us like this :LOL:
    mate make the most of it well you can
    secondly,are you nuts, miss the plane, roll over, smile, you now it will be worth it :wink:
    thirdly your still a prick :LOL: better bring your laptop with pics too coffee
  3. Re: . . . . @ 3 Via Antonio Cavalieri Ducati, Bologna Italy

    pics or it didn't happen
  4. Good on you Micky! I think the others have wrapped it up nicely, miss the plane mate......

    Sounds like your having a blast anyway so all we need now is the pic's.

    Have more fun mate!
  5. Tell us about her boobs please.
  6. For you Loz, i will change my meeting in London and take an extra day here in Italia !

    Now go on MSN, i'll show you the 5 different types of cheeses i'm eating here while having breakfast !! :LOL:
  7. Micky, you are a tart, mate.
  8. Rog ! . . . your pino is being served here while i'm having breakie !! hahaha :LOL:

    Its snowing in the mountian passes between here in Firenze.
    I was thinking of going up there, public holiday, sure the local folk are cutting laps up there.

    Ilaria reckons its only 1hr to Roma !
    I thought wtf !! . . reckon I should take the Autostrada.
    But from my experience yesterday - drivers in little Fiats are overtaking me as i'm doing 90km/h in my little SMART car as i'm i'm standing still.

    yeah, might go to Roma and see go to a easter monday church service.
  9. Goodonya mate. Go to Firenze. It's a top place.
  10. Yes, everyone , I know of who has had the special tour has raved about it.
    But MVrog, you are expressing an opinion about Firenze. My understanding is that in your book, opinions were not allowed on n/r topics. Doesn't the mod delete opinions?
  11. I think this whole thread can be summed up in one word...

  12. Enjoy

    And all the best for Wednesday.....
  13. I officially hate you :p
    At least it's only the Ferrari factory you're going to tour, if it was the Alfa Romeo factory I would have to hunt you down and kill you ;) :LOL:.
  14. +1

    that's the saving grace. The Alfa Museum is better (so the guys there told me) :LOL:

    They've got a Disco Volante Alfa - my favourite car of all time. :twisted:

  15. The Disco Volante is nice. But the 33 Stradale is unquestionably the greatest car ever made :p
  16. I should have listened to you Rog !
    I should have gone to Florence, Ilaria was visiting her mother there, but i've been there before and instead I decided to go to Sant'Agata Bolognese . . .

    Too see . .


    Yeah - god fearing catholics like the Ducati guys ! :LOL: - the Lamboghini museum was closed !!
    Nice town though ! . . and I kinda like the SMART car ! hahahahaha
    Its kinda gay, but being able to drive it around tight streets like a scooter has its merits.
    Actually, the whole european micro-car thing kinda makes sense now - I sorta want one ! :eek:


    I love the Italian way of how to park a car ! :rofl:

    Can you see a prob with the following pic ??
    The Punto on the right could not fit in a space taken by a camper van, so . . just leave the arse hanging out ! hahahah :LOL:
    I've figured it all out, I could not find parking, so I parked in front of a tree !! hahahahaha :LOL:

  17. :shock:
    god thats an ugly car.
  18. I hear ya jd, I was going for a 3hr drive to Turin, for the FIAT musuem ! :LOL: . . not Alfa !

    But to see babies like this . . .



    Check this out . . .
    all the scratch marks around the prancing horse !
    geeez, bogans everywhere around the world trying to badge it !! :evil:

  19. Thanks for those concern on how the leg is going !
    Its holding up pretty good ! ;)


    . . . life goes on. :)

    On another note !
    I'm watching Grande Fratello (Big Brother, Italian version !!) at the moment !
    god-damn !! :eek: . .hubba hubba ! :eek: :eek: :eek:
    Only if I could record it for gegvasco ! hahahaha :LOL:
  20. You went to visit a tractor museum!!! :shock: :p :p