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3 scoots out of the rain...

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by gtrgilera, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. Finally some sunshine to ride in.... 3 of us covered some 120+kms today winding through RNP, down the coast and up through backroads around Picton, two Nexus500's and a Bolwell SV125 - plenty of cops about so we all stayed within the Bolwell's 'L' speed limit and relaxed!!!

    Met some other nice Italians along the way too...

    Lovely day it was....

  2. Hello gtrgilera!
    Great shots.. I love the one with the VS. reminds me of not so long ago when I owned a white VS and would chase big boy on his GSXR 1000 all over the north of Tassie :grin:
    The VS is so popular here that we had about 8 of them on the last ride out.
    Interested to know how the 500s go. Single cylinder arent they? I am just loving my T-Max 500.
  3. Hi 2troo !!

    Yeah - I was quite surprised at the VS performance, although we only did 80kmh most of the time, occasionally crept over... it seemed more than happy!!

    The Nexus 500, they're nice! twin-tube frame, 460CC (newer ones are 490/twin spark), brembo brakes... Happily cruise at anything from 80 to 140, can reach 170 with ease... handles more secure than any scooter I've ridden, with the braking being most fun!
    I've travelled to Coffs Harbour a few times, done the Oxley Hwy and back in 1 day without aches/pains... and gets around 65-85mpg any time...

    I've only had it since last June but only have about 12000kms up, so far it's been reliable with no faults... not that I'm expecting any... they're quite nicely put together!

    love it!
    Waterfall Way
  4. Brembo brakes.. yup jealous. NOTHING brakes like Brembo! just love 'em. My max is a 499cc and would keep up with you guys no worries! I know what you mean about the kms racking up... you just cant help it when the skoot is so comfy, stable and has the guts to get you anywhere. If I sound obsessed.. well.. I am. :grin:
    The VS didnt hold back on me though, just not as safe when wanting to take on log trucks and tassie hills. I also love the bigger fuel tank.. no more fuel station crawls!