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3 questions in 1 post

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by enzise, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. ok im lazy and could not be bothered typing 3 seperate posts so i put them all in here.

    question 1. is there any house hold cleaning product i can use to clean my visor. it has gotten very dirty and when looking through it there is a permanent fog.

    question 2. really need to change battery on the across, have to clutch start it almost everytime lol. but in order to do this i need to find where the battery is located... who know where the battery is on a 95 suzuki 250f across.

    question/problem 3 getting very odd noise, seems to be coming from the front of the bike in the area under the handle bars. when i am giving the bike revs it is fine, when the bike is stationary it is fine but when i am at a speed of about 15km/s + and there are no revs there is like a clicking noise, or even sounds like something is loose and rattling. i have checked and cant seem to find anything loose, but that is about the end my mechanical experieance (see aboce question for proof). any ideas of what this might be and/or suggestions on what to do.

    thanks in advanve for all the suggestions and answers.
  2. You have to remove the boot to access the battery.

    If I recall correctly, there are 2 bolts to be removed inside the boot (one on each side), a couple of allen-head bolts on the outside, and 2 more bolts up at the front of the boot near the steering head. You should then be able to swing the boot back out of the way (remove the seat first).

    Hope this helps! :)
  3. 1) dishwashing detergent, or window cleaner, or buy some visor cleaner.

    2) The Across's battery is right under the "boot." You need to unscrew the bolts from the sides of the false tank area, and from under the felt at the bottom of the handbag compartment, and take the seat off. Lift it up and you'll see the battery, from memory.

    3) Sounds like you may have done a front axle bearing. Take it to a mechanic ASAP. If you wish to check it out, take off the front wheel and test the bearings with a finger. If they're notchy or 'gritty' it's time to replace them. This should be very cheap, the bearings themselves are something like $10 each, but don't delay. Honestly, if that bearing fails and shits itself, it could destroy the front wheel rim, and that's VERY expensive. Get it looked at immediately, and in fact I'd suggest if there's a way for you to take it to the mechanic without riding it, that would be an excellent idea.
  4. loz.. dunno if this would prove that your suggestion is wrong. or that i am VERY VERY VERY lucky.. i have been riding it around for abot a month now with the noise. it has not gotten any worse or any better i would say consistent lol. would you still say its the axle bearing??

    dont mean to question your opinion but want to make sure i get as many facts as i can across.. (like my bike lol... yet another across joke)
  5. Your jokes SUCK dude. :grin:

    Put it this way, I rode around on a bearing that was making that noise for a while once... It was a rear wheel one and I thought it was the chain making a funny noise. I rode a few hundred k on it and then this happened:


    The rollers in the bearing rusted up and went over top of one another, eventually exploding and pushing out the rim. You can see where the alloy rim cracked to pieces. A new rim is worth around $1000.

    A few days ago, MattyB's bike was doing the same as yours, feeling a little "gritty" under brakes and making some noise when coasting. We took off his wheel and found his bearings were rooted. Cheap, easy fix. Although, take it to a mechanic, because we rooted it and have to replace them again. :)
  6. I may have misled you about the location of the last 2 bolts. Check at the rear of the boot rather than the front. I've forgotten which end they're at - either way, you'll find 'em!
  7. Ahh Loz the dude asked for some advice, you gave some & he sorta of threw it back in your face.

    As far as I can see, yep its his life, he doesnt want to look @ another possbable reason then so be it.
  8. yeah i was in sorta denial... didnt want anything major to be wrong... but now that i thought bout it im sure your right but even if ure not im goin to get it checked out asap.. prob 2morow lol i got day off from work so may as well make the most of it..

    sorry if i was rude,.