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3 point turn on blind corner royal natio easter friday

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by sectorsteve, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Beautiful day today and i went for my first ride to the royal national park. Took my surfboard and met a few mates at Gare. from there we went to Bundeena, me on my px200 and my mate in front in his car. Im on the 80km an hour section not too far from the bundeena turn off i guess when some wanker in a maroon Bmw decides to d a 3 point turn on a ****ing corner. i brake go around him slow, swear at him and 2 other riders coming in the opposite direction brake as does a 4 wheel drive. Why are these arseholes on the road? moments earlier a cop goes past, who is probably patrolling the area and busting people for minor offences, as they do.....thats my vent!
    Was a brilliant day, a brilliant ride, loved it to bits. just that reatard was unbelievable. Is is that hard to drive 50 metres so youre not on the corner?

  2. mate honest to god i've NEVER had a run in with a bmw driver who wasn't a self absorbed wanker
  3. Just when you think you've seen it all, some numpty proves you wrong and does something even more stupid than the last guy. People are sometimes just too self-absorbed into what they 'need' to do and forget everything else.

    Unfortunately these are the type of people that will always be around the corner... just when you think its safe to come out, BAM you come across one of those idiots.
  4. Yeah fellas. It is beyond belief. I can't understand some humans. Like you said. It all comes down to selfishness and people doing whatever they want regardless of the possible outcome.
  5. that is quite shocking really, I do personally think people forget the things they're driving can kill quite easily. People get too blase about it all.
  6. terrible; a motorcycle rider would never be guilty of such a flagrant breach of the law, or commonsense....
  7. Lol. Yes! Also the Mercedes drivers. Most of them are oblivious to their enviroment, and usually blame YOU for THEIR mistake. It used to happen to me so often when I was riding for a living, I became numb to it.

    I guarentee if you had of hit them, they would somehow blame you...even after the police fine them.
  8. We are angels :angel: