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3 Near Misses In 1km!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by SHEPPO, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. :mad:

    riding along frankston-dandenong rd about 20min ago, on my way home from the bike shop. going along in the 80 zone, doing 80 (for once), and in the left lane. up ahead is a 4wd looking to join onto the road from a side street. i'm not the only vehicle on the road i might ad, i'm the first in a line of traffic. this stupid school mum (with kids in the back) decides to pull her toorak tractor out into my lane, when i'm around 50m away doing 80km/h! So a quick counter steer into the right lane, i miss her. as i go past i give her a honk of the horn, and looked over at her with my arms in the air giving the "WTF are you doing!" gesture. lady gives me a "oh sh1t i didn't see you look",... no surprises there. i left it at that and moved on.

    then about 200m up, just as i've got past the 4wd there's a truck in the left lane going about 40km/h with 2 cars behind it. i'm coming along at 80 still, and the rear of the two cars following the truck pulls out into my lane, gets on the gas, and overtakes, cleanly. by this stage i'm only 50-100m from the back of the truck, still doing 80, when the other car following pulls into my lane, doing the truck's speed (about 40-50km/h now)...... FARRRRRRRRRRRK on the brakes (thank gawd for big stoppers on the R1!), and narrowly miss becoming a bumper sticker on a very expensive mercedes! pull up along side this fool after getting around the truck and he, give him another WTF gesture, and again, get the same dimwit "i didn't see you" look.... kids in the car too.

    so, moving on. i'm still worked up from the previous 2 near misses, i think to myself, bloody hell, idiots everywhere! just as i think this, a lady pulls out infront of me and another car in the other lane! unfortunately i didn't see her as the car ahead to the side of me blocked my view. but i tell you what, i dont know how i didn't plow into the back of her, but i managed to bring the bike to an almost complete stop from 80km/h, for the 3rd time in under a 1km! pulled along side her when she pulled into the slip lane, and noticed she was an old lady, about a million years old and barely able to see over the steering wheel.

    to conclude, in under 1km, i had 3 cagers decide they'd not look too well, and pull out in front of me.

    i'm still a little wired, but i'm at home now, with beer in hand, and i think i'll forget about it all after a few :)

    thanks for reading... i had to vent.
  2. glad you're still here to tell the tale
    enjoy your beer mate, you earned it
  3. Vent acknowledged and understood. Sounds like they were testing out your spidey sense.
  4. Its that public holiday common sense comming out of all drivers by the sounds of it.
  5. Hopefully that's all your bad luck out of the way for a while!
  6. It's all about hazard perception and relying very little on other road users giving a stuff about you.
    Why were you doing twice the speed of the truck and cars and not expecting them to pull into your lane?
  7. +1 for the question of what did you expect from 2 cars behind a truck?

    I would assume that if a truck is doing 40K in an 80K zone then the cars are going to pull out. If they have been stuck behind it for a while they may forget to look due to frustration. Dunno what you could do about the old lady though.

  8. Dave, I come across similar almost every night down that road.
    Whenever I came across someone trying to turn into F/Dandy from a side street, I always do a slight slalom to increase the chances that 'said' driver has actually 'acknowledged' me .. as opposed to 'seeing' me.
    I also make it a habit to become part of the mass of cars in front of me by being in a position where my headlamp follows their line of headlamps either on the left of right, depending on what side of the road cars are waiting to enter from.
    There will always be retards that still wont acknowledge you, in which case expect the unexpected and be prepared.
    Stay safe !
  9. yeah looking back on it now (good night's sleep with fresh brain), the truck incident was about the only position i put myself into that maybe i shouldn't have. but in my defense, what should i have done? feel free to post suggestions.

    how i see it, if i'd braked and come down to the truck's speed, the cars behind me doing 80 would have to do the same. the car behind the truck may not pull out and pass, as they may have wanted to turn off to the left at the upcoming slip lane. so me slowing down would have only made me a target for the car's behind, with the very high chance of them not seeing my tiny brake light on the back, and plowing into me at going 30-40km/h quicker than i.

    i assessed the risks, and thought that passing and getting out of a "not ideal" situation was the safer option, rather than slowing down. the risk assessment didn't pay off that time.

    the initial near miss was simply a driver not paying attention. yes Vinnie, the slalom may have helped, but i don' think so in this case. i saw her looking in my direction. my head lights are VERY bright, and there was a mass of cars behind me. i'll mention now, i didn't assume she has "seen" me. i never assume this. i saw it coming, and the counter steer was ready to go (mentally and physically), and lucky too, as it payed off.

    the last incident, i believe, was simply me not being able to see my surroundings, and thus putting myself into a possible bad situation... which happened. if i had passed the car in the other lane ahead of me, to gain full vision, i would have no doubt slammed into the old lady.

    so plenty learned from yesterday's "moments
  10. Thats why I hate riding around school start/end times, the skill of the driver seems to be inversely proportional to the number of kids in the back. Or in other words: if they have kids in the car, they drive like ©®@Ï!

    especially mothers in 4WD's
  11. They stopped putting me on school crossing duty, at the school I work at, because I kept yelling and swearing at all the dumb f#&ks speeding through, doing u-turns, pulling out without indicating, driving while dressing the kid in the back seat etc . . . etc . . . etc . . . :furious: :furious: :furious:
  12. "Man with lollipop terrorizes motorists at school crossing"
  13. People often talk about the thrill of motorcycling - the freedom, the connection with the road, the sense of escapism, but no one actually realises that we're all just imbued with a greater sense of appreciation for life becaue we get almost killed more often than anyone else.

    That's only half a joke, by the way.

    Enjoy your beer mate. :)