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3 Nabbed in Darwin after a Police chase

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Not4Resale, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. what are they really up to then, oh paranoid one? :p
  2. Well there's obviously some kind of government conspiracy going on here!

    Media report on a police chase and then it says that the people pulled over.

    We don't hear how old they are, or any other details other than two males and a female!

    I reckon it was some of those illegal immigrant types who were trying to get to a safe house but got nabbed by the fuzz too soon. :mad:
  3. pro-pilot?
    is that you??

  4. So those would be the special Highway Patrol High-speed Pursuit Toyota Troop Carriers with tinted windows...

    Cop shocks, cop rims, cop mud-tyres?
  5. You forgot special cop cup holders, and cop roof racks....
  6. It couldn;t just be shithouse reporting could it? It is the NT news after all. No real interest in reporting the facts if there isn't beer, a crocodile or a chick with big tits involved, all three in one story is a trifecta.
  7. Yeah - I'm with the crap reporting angle. Sounds like a drug bust though. Unmarked cars, no mention of ethnicity, so not "Aboriginal trouble" or "immigration" issues.
  8. I knew it!

    See they planted drugs on the immigrants to make it look like a drug bust.

    Geez they're a clever lot up there in the NT :?

    They covered it up real well, but they'll never get past me, I KNOW there is a conspiracy... wouldn't be surprised if they had some top secret information that the feds wanted to keep quiet. Now they're going to have to break out of prison to both prove their innocence and bring down the big evil corporation.

    oh god i watch too much tv! :LOL: :roll:
  9. Good point, get on the bike more
  10. Wow, if it wasn't for that last line I'd start to think that you really are pro-pilot!
  11. Who is this pro-pilot and what does he do?

    ....oh my god.....


    You're with them!

    I knew it was too good to be true... we're screwed, we'll never get out of this now.
  12. Perhaps you were fortunate enough to join NR after the strange disappearance of pro-pilot. He knew all about everything, so "they" must have taken him away.

    He's not sadly missed in the least.
  13. Actually i think i might have been here, i do remember a whacky character of similar description. Was he here before early 2007?
  14. Yeah. He hasn't been gone that long. He was around for the first half of last year if not longer.