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3 Month Learner Permit -> Full License (What Course?)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by vrrr, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. According to VicRoads, you don't have to hold your L's for 3 months before you sit for your P's/full license.

    " You must hold a learner permit continuously for at least three months in the period immediately prior to applying for a motorcycle licence, or undertake a motorcycle training course".

    Does anybody know what training course they are talking about? I bought a motorcycle and have had it (and my learners permit) for 1 month and would like to get my full license asap and sell the motorcycle quickly for warranty/resale value/low kms/rego purposes. Obviously I would have to weigh up the costs (and benefits) of the training course vs. the above items.

    Obviously I don't pretend to be a pro rider but I am confident of passing the exam. I have done about 500 km's currently. And no, I won't be buying a S1000RR tomorrow, but do intend to buy a sports bike during the next few years or so once I can (hopefully) spend ~$25-30K on a bike (would love a 1198s or S1000RR).

    Even if I had my LAMS bicycle for the minimum 12 months, I don't see myself riding much as it would be sitting out in the garage. I intend to get my full license, sell my existing LAMS bike and get a sports bike in 2-3 years time to mainly ride on the track.
  2. Dont know how your reading it but

    " You must hold a learner permit continuously for at least three months in the period immediately prior to applying for a motorcycle licence, or undertake a motorcycle training course".

    says you -->MUST<-- hold a learners permit continuously for at least three months

    means u cant do your p test before the 3 months is up..

    The course they are talking about is the MOST test, check vic roads for details
  3. You have to wait three months. I did mine exactly 3 months after passing my learners...
  4. Me too :->

  5. That "or" is what is throwing me. The way it is phrased it appears that you have two options.
  6. I probably should have quoted the whole para:

    "You must hold a learner permit continuously for at least three months in the period immediately prior to applying for a motorcycle licence, or undertake a motorcycle training course in which case the madatory [sic] 3 month requirement can be waived, or provide evidence that you have previously held a motorcycle licence in Victoria, interstate or overseas."

    Pretty clear to me the 3 month waiting period can be waived. This is from: http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home...torcycleLicences/MotorcycleLearnerPermits.htm
  7. Odd, because at the training course I went on (look up http://www.motorcyclemotion.com.au/) they never mentioned the fact that the period could be waived. In fact they definitely said that there was a 3 month period.

  8. Going for my license Thur which will be exactly 3 months to the day.

    Although great to rid of those yellow P(errils) learning process continues every time you get on a bike.

    From my understanding the learners period can be waived only if you've previously had a full motorcycle license in the past.
  9. Is two extra months going to kill you?

    You're still restricted to LAMS for another 14months anyway.
  10. well it does as I intend to sell my LAMS bike and only get a sports bike in 2-3 years time. If I have to wait 2 months, I figure thats an extra $100 in rego, ~$200 in extra warranty the purchaser will get (5 months vs. 3 months), ~500kms mileage, $65 in interest - so all up it's about getting $5500 vs. $5000 for my bike (or $500).

    The course will probably cost ~$300-400 but you're also getting the rider training so it's not directly off-settable.
  11. Sell the LAMS bike now.
  12. I'm a little confused??
    Does that mean that you want to sell you LAMS bike now and not ride until you get your sports bike in 2-3 years. If that's your intention I'd have you start the LAMS all over again when you get a bike back. And only 500K riding time?? I've had my bike since Xmas eve and about to clock 6,000K and I'm wondering if that's really enough before my license Thur.

    There's nothing stopping you from selling and buying anything as you can own any vehicle registered to you whether you have a license or not.

    But to ride on a public road, you need to have a learners permit for 3 months before you can go for your license and then have it for a further 12 months (15 months in total) before you are allowed to ride a non LAMS motorcycle.

    That's the law of the land as I see it if you want to ride a motorcycle.
  13. will update this thread when I hear from VicRoads. Yes - the intention was to get my full license and sell the LAMS bike and then get a sports bike in 2-3 years time. The laws state you can't ride a non-LAMS bike for 12 months after getting your license.

    It doesn't say you have to own a LAMS bike throughout the restrictive period though.
  14. So you want to get 3 months (or 1500km) riding experience, then give up riding for 2-3 years then jump on a sports bike?

    Let me know when you go riding in 2-3 years time so I can avoid you, that will save me calling an ambo for you, or worse someone calling an ambo for me when you cross the centre line.](*,)

    We have these learner periods/restrictions in place for a reason.
  15. Have you ever thought the experience you will gain in riding your LAMS bike for 2-3 years before getting your dream bike is worth a lot more than the depreciation of you LAMS bike.
    With 500K on the clock, your 2-3 year plan seems to be a safety concern!!
  16. realistically speaking I would do 50kms a week maximum in the long term, LAMS or ducati 1198s, full license or learners. I can understand riders who having a motorcycle is their only form of transport will develop a lot more experience than me riding in all kinds of weather and conditions.

    But put yourself in my shoes - I have a sports car which I drive daily, don't ride the bike on wet days, in the night time or in heavily congested areas - the bike is basically just a toy for the weekends. I of course treat it with respect and don't push the capabilities whatsoever - I'm 32, married, kids and mortgage and my teen haydays are long past me.

    If I get my sports bike in the future, I won't even register it for road use - it will just be a toy for the track on weekends. like a jet ski. the way i see it I wouldn't be endangering anyone but myself so my lack of experience shouldn't be an issue. Every track I've called up require a full licence (or probationary) before they allow you on their tracks.

    I agree with the strict licensing laws but the rules don't fit all kinds of people all the time. I would imagine my situation is somewhat common however?
  17. Ducati or BMW for the track with virtually no riding experience in 2-3 years? If you're worried about a little bit of depreciation & running costs for your bike now you really won't want to bin the bike on the track with no insurance cover. I would keep the bike now & ride when you can. The more you learn now the better chance of keeping the other bike upright a few years later (monetary loss now should work out a lot cheaper than repairing later).

    Just my 2c.

  18. Jet skis don't go from 0-100 in 2.5seconds or max out at 300kmh.

    Make sure you do a bunch of courses if you're not planning to ride regularly beforehand.
  19. I think everyone here is telling you to do the right thing because they care.

    Little off track now... How long does it take for VicRoads to send you your Moto Ps? Ive been waiting 15 days now...
  20. you have to wait for your license? thats backwards, get it on the spot at RTA