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3 jeers for lams

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by BRK, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. greetings,

    after some sub-standard searching of the forums i decided to ask a question on here.

    Now that the new lams system is being brought into vic, how many larger then 250 bikes are there with fairings?

    i know there is the honda RVF 400, and the Hyosungs but are there any others??


  2. if you click on my tab, thats a ducati 620 super sport fairing...they restrict the throttle. Fantastic bike, id argue its the best bike you can have on your l's. But thats all personal preference. There are a few others that you can get. But i love mine.
  3. Fairings are good on 250s; they help to make them quieter. Hence..

    the Silence of the LAMS....
  4. The Suzuki GS500F is the fully faired version of the GS500 and it's LAMS approved. That's the only new fully faired bike other than the Hyosungs I can think of.
  5. that was terrible :shock: :shock: :rofl:
  6. The old 650 Honda Deauville is LAMs legal and has full fairings (not exactly a sportsbike though ;) - there's also the Yamaha SZR660 (which is very much a sportsbike).
  7. Hyosung GT650R
  8. yea nice thread. Im wanting to get a bike in around 5 months. Was gonna get a gs500f. But that ducatti 620 looks tempting. So which can I get? Btw When was the last ducatti 620 manufactured?
  9. Vicroads link

    So my understanding of this means that it won't be enforced until "mid 2008". Does this mean a learner can not buy a >250cc bike until after "mid 2008"?
  10. A great move for sure, if I owned a sports 250 I’d be selling up quick before the market slumps…

    I can't see the 600ss on the LAMS list...

    The only 620 you can have is the monster in restricted (learner) form. They’re still being made.

    The new regulations haven’t been brought in.

    As yet no date has been announced for Vic.
  11. No, they aren't still being made.

    Ducati Australia have stocks of previously made 620's and when those are sold out that will be it... no more.
  12. Mid 2008 :mad: :mad:

    My poor brother will have to wait until he can ride a Royal Enfield!
  13. There are 620SS' around with LAMS rego too. Same 24kw engine (apparently), wouldn't be a slouch, nor near the top end of LAMS bikes. They're very pretty though =P~
  14. so what you guys think, Im stuck now with the gs500f or that 620 ducati. Didnt want to get a 250 cause Im thinking that the gs500f would be better as it has more torque which equals to easier access to power and lower revs means less petrol. Also because im @0 yrs old and this bike being a sports/touring the insurance wouldnt be as bad as a cbr250rr or a zxr250. Unless you guys have a different idea?
  15. I've also seen a Multistrada 620 for sale that was able to made LAMS-legal in NSW.
  16. You know you want it! Now LAMMED!

    I know I do, hmmm cafe racer project here we come.

  17. postman bike?
  18. I think you will find Kawasaki's ER-6f ia also LAMS approved.
    The Motor Registry (or its Victorian version) should have a complete list of approved motorcycles. If not, try the NSW version at www.rta.nsw.gov.au and type LAMS in the search box.
  19. There is a list of bikes on the Vic Rds website and will be updated as it gets closer i would say.. Would certainly not be happy if i had to sell a 250 this time next year. Hopefully they wont depreciate to much..