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3 hanging tubes?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Rolski, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. I've just noticed these tubes hanging from bottom of bike, are they meant to be there and I've just never noticed them. I have had gear problem lately, if I come to a stop, sometimes it won't go back into first gear.if anyone can enlightened me with these mysterious hanging tubes it be appreciated :)


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  2. Yeah they are meant to be there mate. Should be radiator coolant overflow hose, one for that little hole near gas filler cap, carby one etc
  3. Fuel tank overflow ( Drains any splash or overfill from the cap area away)

    Carburettor bowl overflow (not if you have Fuel Injection) If you have carbies, you could have one of these tubes for each carby.

    Battery vent/overflow (but not if you have a sealed battery) older types of lead/acid batteries often have a tube out the battery (usually clear plastic) which drains any acid /acid fumes away

    Coolant overflow. (liquid cooled bikes only)

    Take your pick.

    Typically there will be two or three tubes hanging down there.
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  4. Thanks heaps guys, just never noticed them before, bike has recently been serviced, thought maybe mechanic forgot to finish whatever he was doing:),btw it's a 2013 cb500f honda
  5. if you don't like the look, they don't need to hang down so much.. just low enough so the are still in last bracket, and not going to drip inside fairing etc.
    don't need to cut, just pull them back up a bit :)
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  6. you like 3 bits hanging down eh? :D

    sometimes us noobs don't know which bits are safe to nip n tuck ;)
  7. thought you had me on ignore?
  8. I do, but you're a funny bugger sometimes.. :)

    just not most of the time :D
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  9. For the Honda CB500 series, these tubes normally slip through a hole near the kick stand so that they don't hang down. The hole is located near to where the kick stand joins on to the bike.
  10. Can't say the tubes are that far out on my bike as they are in the pic. You can safely trim them a little if it bothers you :)
  11. Ok, thanks guys, I'll check that out, I think u must be right, cause I could of sworn, I didn't see em there before.
  12. There's usually a air-box drain too. That would be one of the bigger ones.
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