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3 finger braking - Nakano style

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by The Snow Dog, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. I was just watching an old MotoGP race on video and noticed that Nakano uses a rather peculiar braking technique - at least it's not something I've seen before. He appears to use his three 'outside' fingers to actuate the brake lever and his thumb and index finger to control the throttle. Does anyone here use a similar technique and if so what is the perceived advantage? FWIW, I've always been a 'traditional' two finger braker.

  2. I use the three outside fingers quite a bit for braking, usually when hill starting or when braking and gearing down for a corner (if i brake late purposefully or if i am hooning around). I find it allows me good control of the throttle while at the same time plenty of grip and feel on the brake lever.
  3. That's exactly the same method I use, don't know why really just seemed to come naturally. Probably figured that the index finger is too close to the brake pivot to provide any real force so may as well leave it on the throttle (also safe from being squashed since that part of my brake lever can't actually reach the grips anyway).
  4. I always use this way of braking, I have only ever done it.

    I sometimes try the traditional two inside fingers but it feels really weird.


  5. I use all four finger "tips" to control the brake lever, and use the thumb and palm to control the throttle.

    I find that controlling the throttle in the "cup" of the palm and thumb easily lets you keep a constant pressure on brake with all four fingers when "blipping" on downshift, just a simple rolling motion.

    On hill starts (any takeoff really), I use the back brake and leave the front brake alone. Why stuff around with brake/throttle when your right foot is perfectly capable of being uesd as a "hand brake" control?

    As for all my "methods", well I confess to religously following the advise of the great guys (and girl.. Go Mel!!) from the Tassie branch of Stay Upright, they got me out of a heap of bad habits (riding habits anyway).

    (edited cos of bad spellingk
  6. Same here, its the way I've always done it, and it just comes naturally. Any other way seems to feel awkward to me.
  7. I guess I just don't spend much time looking at other riders while they're braking. ;-)

    I was experimenting with this today and find it extremely difficult to even get my middle finger up and over the lever while my index finger is curled around the throttle; it seems to be behave in sympathy with the index finger. Hmmm...
  8. I'm a 3 finger braker. I do it because thats how i feel comfortable, I can pull the lever as hard as I need and can blip smooth without letting pressure off the lever. Its an individual thing, do what you feel comfortable doing.
  9. I use my 2 inside fingers I find it more natural and much easier, if doing heavy braking then i'll use 3 or 4 for strength but have never used my outside fingers just feels wierd and has much less control when using the throttle as well