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* 3 Days untill my Pre-L's *

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by honeybeesweet, May 29, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm doing my Pre-L's in three days and i'm nervous as hell!! I really don't want to fail!! I have never even started a bike before only ever been a pillion, so i am really concerned about how well i will go at it. Any advise??

  2. Don't worry the pre-learner course is designed to teach you about the absolute basics of motorcyles and how to operate one.

    When I did it there was a grandma in my group and if she could do it anyone can. :grin:

    Happy learning!
  3. seriously ...you will be fine...it is really easy ( altho I did do mine on a scoot )...just relax and think of freedom!! ( of course listen to all instruction...hehehe)
  4. The instructors are normally really friendly and want you to pass the L's

    You should have no problems
  5. goood luck honeybbesweet not that you will need it, the way the course is designed, you wont fail unless your a complete moron. are you a complete moron? :p :LOL:
  6. :LOL: at post above. It's all true, the course goes from the very, very basics and onto the basics. Gear stuff's on the left, braking on the right, find the friction point and you can't fail :grin: Keep in mind that the bikes they use are light and gutless, have probably been dropped a few hundred times and you don't own them :LOL: No need to be nervous at all, the instructors will try to make it fun.
  7. Where are you doing the test?

    Just remember to relax. The more nervous you are, the more tense you will be, the more likely you will lose control.

    And anyway, if you fail they give you some FREE training on whatever aspect you were having trouble at, then you can go do the test again.

    Main thing is.... have fun!!!
  8. I went in never having sat on a bike in any capacity. I'd only driven manual once before as well. You'll be fine, its easy.
  9. Don't fret. I did my pre-learner's course a week ago with the Stay Upright guys down at Botany RTA. The instructor (Jethro) was great and we all passed with flying colours. Like you, I had only ever been a pillion (once) many many years ago.

    Did the knowledge test today and now have my L's! Getting a GS500 off my mate this week (he's just bought a Bonneville).

    Good luck!
  10. You'll be fine :grin:

    course is made for those who've never SEEN a bike before in their life

    *this is the wheels, this is a seat, that black thing over there is the road!*
  11. Remember everyone there (hopefully not the instructor though) will look and feel exactly as you do on the day. I found it best just not to think too much before the test (apart from learning the book) and look upon it as a bit of fun...which it ended up being.
  12. as above. I was the same as phizog, no experience on a bike whatsoever.
    its super simple and heaps of fun when your on the bikes.
  13. you mentioned a book?? i don't have a book, where would i get it from??
  14. hahahaha someone's panicing.... calm down :) you'll be sweet

    its the RTA learner rider handbook...


    have a peek at the DKT (driver knowledge test) section - there's the motorcycle questions, and the Motorcycle Riders Handbook (just above DKT) which is the road rules, etc for riders :)

    remember to keep calm and you'll be sweet!
  15. Thanks, that saved me finding the link - and the link I had takes me straight to the NSW handbook only, so that one is much better :)

    In Vic you get a book for download, or hard copies from the RTA or newsagents, which I find much easier to read.

    I presume you guys get a written test in NSW like you do in Vic? Maybe I'm wrong... :?
  16. Enjoy the day!

    Youll have a ball and learn so much!

    Dont worry about it, just take it all in!

    However we do want a full 5000 word essay on your experience when you return!

    Have an awesome time!
  17. Eat a good brekky.
    helps you stay focused and settle nerves, especially if you're feeling nervous.
  18. the written thing is just an in class joke. they give you all the wanswers word for word, and in case you do forget just ask and theyll give you them anyway.

    as for the riding, its too easy as they start you off from simlpy getting your balance on a turned off bike.

    as long as you have balance and som degree of coordination for shifting, you'll be fine! dont stress, stress/get nervous and things could go wrong.
  19. Thanks guys for all your help and support... I downloaded the link and going through it all and i have been doing practise L Tests online too... I'm still nervous but trying to just focus on having a good time and learning as much as possible!... Fingers crossed!!
  20. Good luck with your Ls. There's nothing to be nervous about. Just remain focused. You already have the advantage of being a pillion. Some people have not even sat on a bike or even drive a manual car. I never rode until I did my preLs. I found it easy.

    After you get your Ls, you already have friends who ride. As long they have patience they should help you improve by a long shot. Just stay within your limits.

    The computer test was very easy. Just do the RTA website test over and over again. I eventually memorised my questions and got full marks.

    All the best honeybeesweet.