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3 Days till TRON LEGACY

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. #1 Takamii, Dec 13, 2010
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  2. Was so looking forward to watching this but...a colleague watched a copy on dvd and gave it the thumbs down. We have similar tastes in movies but regardless I know you are going to enjoy it heaps.
  3. I was mainly looking forward to the sound track, but got it a few weeks ago and it was pretty disappointing. Well it sounds too much like a movie sound track and not enough like Daft Punk
  4. ill wait till the 3D Bluray comes out
  5. The 3D promo looked good in the cinema.

    I'll stick my fingers in my ears until I see it, but count on it being at least a visual treat. Not many people could follow the original, so maybe it's a love it or meh type of movie.

    It's been a long wait.
  6. This is the (censored) bike they used in the making :


  7. oh wow i didnt even know it was coming out, thanks moto.
  8. NIckers -- see Aussie style wins over hollywood again
  9. motolegion I have misled you. The tron my colleague watched was the old original one. So we're definitely arranging a company social outing to watch this movie.

    Don't normally check review sites but rotten tomatoes has got it at a 63% approval and 92% of people intend to watch it.
  10. The original movie was one of the crapest movies of all time. Why would they do this?
  11. holly shall watch it when it comes out on dvd. no cinemas close by.
  12. Living up to your tag line again, eh, ibast? ;)
  13. It was also the first to incorporate computer generated graphics and a few other special effects things

    Personally I think the story was before its time - sure we don't as people get sucked into a computer literally but the online gaming is a reflection of what they envisaged back in 1982 with the original

    guess its one for the tech heads and geeks
  14. Too bad bikes arent allowed in the Blacktown Drive In, would have been a great night out.
  15. It ain't great but it's far from the crappest of all time...
  16. I suppose I just couldn't get past the really dumb premise that people running around inside a computer was what made it work. The dumbness of it just overrode all else.

    It's also why I could never buy into transformers. Firstly why would intelligent robots from another planet feel they need to protect us? Why were they created? And why do they need to transform. Surely the negatives far out-way the positives.
  17. Hey ibast, chill out man. Hopefully you don't take all things this seriously! I mean, hell, at the movies I go and relax and let myself get sucked into the story. Good movies do this to you easily.

    I saw the original Tron in my old dorm room while I was studying for an exam about 2 years ago. Thought it was pretty cool, even for just the concept rather than anything else. Needless to say, was stoked when I found out a sequel was being done.

    What'd you reckon of Inception, by the way, ibast?

    - boingk
  18. Normally I have no trouble buying into fantasy, by when the premise is this ridiculous I just can't enjoy it.

    Don't know Inception.
  19. Not people running around, but programs. How he gets in there is very much along the same lines as teleportation research that is happening now. Also there was the premise (as I think was in the dialogue) that there's a bit of the programmer's character in the programs they write, which in gaming especially was rather true. Look up Llamasoft - a Jeff Minter game was definitely a reflection of it's author, although back then far more software was written by one or two people.

    But don't let anything somewhat metaphorical spoil a story for you, OK?

    Otherwise, it was the corporate bad guy up to no good, but with the addition of the Master Control Program. The idea of artificial intelligence and most other computer stuff beyond typing a letter or playing Pie Lob was too much of a stretch (conceptually) for most people at the time. Now we have Google Bots and spiders all over the place, and Hackers and AI and virtual reality to buggery.

    It was a fresh take on some standard themes told with a novel and innovative narrative, but I sat with people who couldn't understand the plot at all because of the whole premise, even though it was actually fairly simple. Admittedly, if you weren't absorbed in it all it did sort of move a bit slowly at times, but I liked the opportunities to cruise a bit and take it all in.

    It was very kid friendly too, although Legacy seems a lot darker and more complex, as befits the way cinematic storytelling has evolved, and no doubt the years that have passed for the people who watched the original. It's something of a cult classic, even though it wasn't a big success.

    The way the blend of CGI and Disney animation (and real actors) came together was unprecedented at the time, and breathtaking to me.

    People later got concepts like Skynet in the Terminator Movies, Genetic Engineering in Jurassic Park and so on, but it was introduced a bit a time over the years (and long after being covered by shows like Dr Who).

    I'd love to see the original again in a cinema, since I only saw it a drive-in with a poor picture.

    But then maybe Mary Poppins' flying umbrella or a flying car in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang spoiled those movies for you as well? And Back To The Future - sheesh...
  20. don't dis my fine four fendered friend.