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3 Days in Tasmania

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by wally77, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. I am planning on doing 3 days in Tasmania during Match 2014. I was hoping someone out there may have some advice on the best route (max 200km per day). Will be heading down on the spirit of Tasmania.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Mate, the main thing is where you want to go, what do you want to see? 200km per day isn't much, but will cover a fair distance if you are happy to stay in one area. With the limitation you have applied, I would recommend sticking to either NW or NE, and not going further south than Cradle Mtn.
  3. Thanks for that, no plans but to tour with my father. He's a bit older and more than 200km will be a push. We just want some nice roads and good pubs or towns to stay in.
  4. Did a lap around Tassie a few years ago, using a car and staying at local B&B's and pubs. Had an absolute ball. Lovely lovely place. Felt funny being called a "main lander" though. :)

    I'd really recommend Port Arthur. Seriously great history and the ghost tour is spooky! ;)
  5. Mate, I'd stickup around the NW, making your way along the coast, sweeping back through places like the Murchison Why, across Cradle Valley. You can wander on to Cethana Rd (beautiful twisty road) on to somewhere like Sheffield or Deloraine. From there, up to the Tamar, cross over at Batman bridge and up to Georgetown, or you could head somewhere like Port Sorrell/Shearwater instead. Rough idea anyway :)
  6. I went to Taz in 2003 or 4 (I can't remember) on an easter weekend it's a small place with a lot to see we just did day trips out from hobart where we were staying with a mate of mine who lived near the brewery.

    4 days of just roaming the countryside, you can't take a step with out stepping on something historic.

    even in such a short trip we packed a lot in.
  7. Got to ask, do you want hardcore twisty roads or would the old boy be better off with gentle sweepers? There are a few very challenging backroads in Tassie that don't take prisoners.
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  8. Nothing to hardcore, just gentle sweepers and good scenery. I'll head back again with without the slowcoach one day.
  9. Mate, anywhere through that northwest you'll have fun.
  10. A suggestion if you head NE.
    Devonport - Launceston - Sideling (great view) - Scottsdale - Weldborough (nice old pub) - St Helens/Bay of Fires (spectacular) - St Marys - Longford - Devonport.


  11. Then I would suggest the Bass Hwy along the coast to Somerset, Murchison Hwy (A2) to either Queenstown or Strahan (and back via the other). You might try the Anthony Main Road B28 if you're feeling game (worth it). Cradle Mountain Road (bits of Wilmot Road can be a handful) maybe Cethana to Sheffield and back to the boat.
    If it's heavy weather avoid the west coast and go north east. Heard good reports about both Scottsdale and Weldborough pubs. Go via Golconda Road (B81) and Lilydale (Tasman Hwy gets a bit tight near Targa and after Weldborough). So Bridport, across the Tamar bridge to Frankford and back to the boat. Just my thoughts.
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  12. Thanks for your help fellas.
  13. If you don't want twists, you're not going to enjoy 50% of the Tasman Hwy between Launnie and St Helens.
  14. He didn't say he wouldn't enjoy it, but I don't think he wants to be pulling his old man out of the bushes.
    Can avoid the Sideling part of the Tasman Hwy by going through Lilydale instead (as I'm sure you know). If committing to going east of Weldborough it's guaranteed to be be more than 200km a day.
  15. And I'm sure YOU would know how mossy and slick those roads can get, even in the middle of spring.

  16. This is a good option expect continue on to Bicheno. Lovely seaside town with a pretty cool motorcycle museum on the edge of town.

    Then maybe take the lake leake hwy back.

    Personally I'd spend a bit of time in Launceston. Cataract Gorge is awesome plus there's some nice pubs, Boags brewery tour and some shagging monkey's in the park if that tickles your fancy. Seems to have a big bike culture there too.
  17. The whole estuary is a nice ride I reckon - sweeping, different on both sides... You can easilt spend a day going up one side, back to the Batman bridge, up to Georgetown, back to Launnie (or thereabouts).

    Can't believe how awesome it is living here, never thought when we moved that I would love it so much.
  18. From my patch I would include Penguin, Stanley, Hellyer Gorge, Strahan, Sheffield, Gunns Plains as places of interest, to name a few.