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3 days, 3 roundabouts, 3 fcuktards

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by port80, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. Over the last three days I have had three incidents at three seperate roundabouts. Each incident has been avoided easily but ended up with me hitting the brakes and horn at the same time. All of the occasions I was going straight through the roundabouts in the correct lane. Twice has been on the bike at roundabout that have had moderate traffic, because of this my approach speed has been rather sedate. On both occasions I believe the motorists saw me but went anyway. The other occasion I was driving a borrowed car and I was driving very carefully, a 4wd decided even though I was quarter way through the roundabouts that it should have right of way.

    Is it just me or is the hot weather bringing out the worst in Melbourne drivers?

  2. I hear ya Port...it happens quite regularly - and especially in the heat I reckon people arent as focused on what they are doing as they should be...its the whole 'I cant remember how I actually got here'...

    I think that sometimes when you're on a roundabout - you go into some kind of wierd time warp - where you become invisible and therefore people feel obliged to pull out in front of you...at least thats what I'm choosing to believe here in Kerryland :grin: but maybe the heat has got to me too...
  3. It's not the hot weather. Most Melbourne drivers are always idiots around roundabouts.
  4. This morning my mum picked me up from work (bikes not running, car hasn't been re-reg'd) and as we're going through the giant round-about near skyways in airport west, a council truck fails to give way, but he was going slow enough so mum blocked him off..

    and he gives us the "ooh, what?!?!" expression..

    the heat and long shift must've got to me, because i got out of the car (stopped in traffic) and went upto him screaming "WHAT DO YOU MEAN fcukIN WHAT?! DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW THESE CIRCLE THINGS WORK, fcuk HEAD?!"

    he just shook his head at me and wound his window up, and I was pretty embaressed considering my mum was there screaming at me to get back in the car :oops:

    so i did, and got blasted for it.

    Some people are just complete morons, it's that simple. how hard is it to understand "give way to your right, and anyone currently travelling on the round-a-bout"

    it's not fcuking rocket science.
  5. :LOL: @ MattyB

    I was taking a different route on Monday this week, and went to grange rd and right at the round about to get onto the sth eastern outbound (yarra bend exit/entry???) and the line of cars the opposite way had blocked off traffic to my right (through the keep clear area :roll: ) and so i went through and the cars from the left kept coming, so i'm in my van going "i'm coming through and if you dont like it, stuff off" and the guy from the left hand lane merged and turned right infront of me, and although peeved it didn't really get too me... But then, the car coming in the opposite direction (now crossing my path of right turning travel) just enters the roundabout like there was nothing wrong, so he's there blocking off 1.5 lanes and kept going forward, so i just steamed on through looking and shaking my head at him... And natrually he didn't even flinch... :roll:
  6. I think the heat could be affecting people's quality of sleep and they are more fatigued than usual. This can reduce their mental processing and acuity.
  7. I've noticed a lot of oncoming traffic turning right at a round-a-bout [who I should be giving way to] not indicating!

    Even though I know full well they are lazy frenchfriedfilleto'f***s and are going to turn, I pull out leisurely so they have to stop/slow down and give way to me.

    ... really need a paintball gun and a mega-phone.
  8. Re: 3 days, 3 roundabouts, 3 f&@%*

    That's pretty normal behaviour around here. Unofficial Ballarat traffic rules seem to be that the fastest vehicle has right of way at a roundabout - extra credit if you can get your boganmobile to slide sideways halfway through.
  9. A megaphone while i'm caging would be fantastic.

    I'd just put the windows down, and if someone cut me off i could simply scream out "F_CK HEAD!!!" through it :D
  10. Port, you're not imagining it. I've noticed a step increase in poor driving.

    Some very poor decisions being made...

    I think G has it is one.
  11. There's only one cure! Again, it's Ktulu to the rescue.

    I would like KSMA to make a bike mount kit for the above.
  12. :LOL: @ Matty. I better give that roundabout the wide berth then because I don't know who has to give way to who. :p
  13. Give way? Courtesy? Consideration?
    Born and raised Melb, lived in NSW and driven/rode in all states excluding WA (sooooo far away) and would have to say I honestly think that we here in Melbourne can claim the highest number of Dickhead inconsiderate drivers in the country!
    There seems to be an increasing level of "I'm here first so screw you" behaviour.
    All the learner rider courses and most of the available info on bikes/scooters talks about being focussed on having the right headspace and a lot of it has to do with increasing your levels of personal safety but there doesn't seem to be too much emphasis for drivers.
    I guess cagers (I'm one during the day) have the conscious or otherwise realisation that they're higher on the food chain than bikes so we'll give way......

    Riding back to melb last week I was in awe of the fact that every NSW plated car a came up behind on the Hume Hwy moved to the left to let me get by! Never seen that in Vic! Or did I just get Lucky?
  14. Consider it done.
  15. Ooh, that's my favourite. The ol' "normally at an intersection I would indicate to turn right, but because I'm turning right around this here circle thingy, I don't have to indicate at all..."
    I fail to see how a big circle in the middle of what is often a normal 4-way intersection can so greatly confuse people.
  16. Suprised at your assessment of Melb drivers S&S; however you are in a far better
    position than me to know otherwise.
  17. Paintball gun? Paintball gun?
    I think one of these would be much more useful:


  18. :LOL: :shock: El Damo.

    Thats one awesome piece of machinery there. :twisted: :grin:
  19. Yep. :grin: :grin: :twisted:
    Although the recoil might affect your balance a little while riding.
  20. I'd be willing to get a side car just to have one of these mounted! :)