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3 days, 3 options

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by icemaker, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Got this itch to see some of our beautiful countryside that I plan to scratch in early January, so after reading numerous reports on here and elsewhere on the interwebs I came up with 3 options -

    Now my only problem is which one? Ive read that most of the roads on the above maps are awesome and will probably over time do the lot. Id be very interested to know which one you would pick and why. Alternative routes, variations and suggestions are also welcome.

  2. The first one has quite a bit of dirt between Tumut and Yass (actually Tumut and Wee Jasper).

    They all look good though....
  3. lots of boring stuff in the first one, I've done the second one, that includes the oxley, there's a bit of boring stuff in it too, though, and the same with the third
    I'd do all the oxley one, but bear in mind the Pacific is going to be hell over the holiday break
  4. I'd recommend option 2 but I would travel from Wauchope back to Gloucester then home via wollombi.
  5. Yeah I know but its the best time for me to get away, owning a small business doesn't leave me with much free time throughout the year. Ill be leaving around the 10th Jan so hopefully the holidaymakers have thinned out a bit by then.

    Thanks for the tip. Whats the best way from Wauchope to Gloucester? Any back roads or down the Pacific and use Bucketts Way? Another question, which direction is it best to tackle the Oxley?

    Getting pumped for this now though slightly worried about my Zed. It really doesn't have the longest range fuel tank, especially when giving it some. I think Ill be taking along a metre or two of hose just in case.
  6. buckets to taree then a short trip up the highway, if your not afraid of some short sections of dirt/gravel then you can cut from Wingham up but this bypasses wauchope where really need to stop for a full tank of gas

    In the summer months it doesn't really matter, during winter though in the AM you want to head west and in the late afternoon east other wise you have the sun in your eyes most the way

    unless your range is less than 160km you won't have a problem, my VFR is heavy on the gas and on one trip for some silly reason I didn't bother stopping at walcha and kept going to Tamworth.

    Reseve light was flashing most the way do Bendeemer where when i arrived found the petrol station to be closed, i had, at a guess no more than a litre of fuel in the tank with not many options so I pushed on to moonbi. On the way down the mountain i was dropping into neutral and killing the engine and coasting down.

    At the servo in moonbi i filled up and only had ~300ml left in the tank.
  7. Cheers for the info iClint, much appreciated. On the fuel range side of things it seems as though I should be right. Managed to get 230km out of it once and had 1.5 litres left. Most of the time though the fuel light starts flashing when I hit the 180 -190km mark.
  8. If you are going to do the Oxley turn around in Wauchope and just go back in the other direction - you won't regret it. Just spare yourself some grief and avoid the Pacific Hwy...

    There is about 30 to 40km of dirt road after Wee Jasper towards Tumut, we did it on sportsbikes one year going down to PI, it wasn't ideal and a mate had a puncture on his Daytona. However other than this it was gold. And up this way there are plenty of nice bits of roads to choose from.

    If you go Oberon way, instead of Lithgow I'd suggest you push towards Bathurst then Mudgee via Sofala, Bylong Valley Rd then come back via the Putty.

    Enjoy the ride!
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    Shorten it a bit down south maybe, go from nowra past nerriga pub then goulburn. Then onto bathurst from Taralga .. from Bathurst you can go the back way through Hill End to Mudgee,then head towards kandos and slab it to lithgow ... or from bathurst through sofala, bylong then the Putty (as ninja suggested)

    If you do head this way in jan lemme know I might do some with you :)

    Edit / shit thats a long way .. 848k's by your map .. or 932k's heading to mudgee (cutting out Batemans and crookwell part) hope you have a soft seat bud
  10. Good roads on all the loops.

    It's summer time. I think you should do the Alps run.

    The Ox can be done at any time of the year.

    The shorter Blue Mountains loop is really just a day ride anyway and easier to slip away to ride on another weekend sometime.

    It looks like you're planning to ride just 300-400km per day (likely just daylight hours?).

    Fuel can't be a problem on those days - Jindabyne to Tumut you can always top up in Khancoban; there's fuel in Gloucester before you head up Thunderbolts and Walcha to Wauchope will be done on a tank; the Blue Mountains loop you're hardly out of sight of a petrol station.

    Have fun.
  11. ps Re: the boring bits.......... unless you live in the middle of the good bits you have to ride the boring bits.

    A tip is to ride them at night eg the Hume or the Pacific are much more tolerable in the middle of the night.

    Once you pick the loop, get onto Google maps, zoom in and work a bit harder to find alternative side roads. There are little gems and interesting bypass roads on all three of your loops.
  12. Been thinking about this and its gonna be between the Oxley run or the oberon/crookwell run.
    I think Ill leave the snowy run till next year and incorporate the Bonang at the same time. I, of course could do this now but I want get my touring chops up on a shorter run before I do start doing some epics.

    Cheer mate, definitely considering the run to Mudgee as suggested. It will add time to the trip but can still be done easily in 3 days.

    Reckon Im good for 400 - 500km/day. Ill probably tap out doing any more than that though.

    Yeah I definitely will. Hopefully Ill decide which route to tackle in the next couple of days, once all the Christmas shenanigans are over, and hone in on it.
  13. Ok so I talked myself out of doing a 3 day trip with the main reasons being
    a) Only got my full licence in late November so limited experience dodging fauna and the like as well as varied road surfaces.
    b) Weather forecasts didnt look too good in the direction I had planned
    c) Didnt know if my body could take 3 days in the saddle.

    So instead I chose to do a day trip to test the waters and see what its all about. Leaving early yesterday morning the itinerary was Wollongong - Robertson - Kangaroo Valley - Batemans Bay - Braidwood - Tarago - Oallen - Nerriga - Nowra - Gerringong - Jamberoo - Wollongong.

    Highlights - Early morning runs up Macquarie Pass and through Kangaroo Valley are a must do for everyone. Done the run many times in the past and will never get bored of it.
    Kings Hwy between Batemans Bay and Braidwood is a very nice bit of road. The magic moment was doing the big sweepers before the top of the mountain with no cagers within cooee and The Black Keys playing in my ears. Awesome.
    The Kiama to Albion Park via Jamberoo run is my favourite road in the Illawarra. Short but very sweet, its my go to after work/clear the head ride.

    Downers - Nerriga Road was a bit of a let down. For some reason I thought it was gonna be awesome with heaps of sweepers but it wasnt. Bar a few sections of nice corners overall it was pretty boring.
    Princess Hwy was pretty boring but it was expected.

    Dodgey moments - There were a few. On Pearsons Lane heading toward Kangaroo Valley I hit a patch of gravel doing roughly 90 mid corner. The arse end shifted slightly sideways causing my arse to release a bit of poo!!
    Heading to Nerriga from Tarago I knew there was gonna be some dirt to contend with. My gps demanded I turn right which looked suss but I did it anyway. Result = 8 km of dirt road. It was my first experience on dirt/gravel and it made me quite nervous with the bike wiggling about but the zed and I handled it Ok in the end with no real awkward moments.

    Education - Learnt heaps on this trip. Kreiga tail packs are awesome, my newly installed USB charger works very well, my bum can handle about 3 hours of straddling the Zed without breaks, the Zed could do with a bigger tank and most importantly I learned alot more about my bike and my technique. Towards the end of the ride I felt more in tune with my bike then I ever have before and thats a really good feeling.

    Time to step up and do an overnighter.
  14. Good stuff , well done ! Would it be safe to say that the bug has now bitten deeply ???
    Other than track- days , there's nothing quite like touring for rapidly building skills and confidence on the bike .
  15. Yeah I think it has. Its moments when you feel connected to the bike on a good road with amazing scenery that makes it so awesome. And it only has to be 30 mins on an 8 hour trip to make it worth the effort.
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  16. Well done icemaker.

    Looking forward to your next venture.
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