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3 days, 1200km....Perfect weather

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Ned, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Having found myself and Lisa with a few spare days, I thought it best to head off again to some of my favourite roads/destinations. This time I had a particular road on the must-do list, the recently sealed Omeo Hwy through Mitta Mitta and onto Tallangatta., checking out Mitta Pub while we're there.

    Day 1 saw us leaving home, heading up through Whittlesea, where only a slight drizzle for about half an hour soon cleared before a quick snack and top up of fuel at Yea. To save a bit of time we went through Bonnie Doon and not long after that our hunger pains were satisfied at Mansfield where the town was in full swing. The weather had cleared and conditions were perfect. Next up was the awesome run to Whitfield, hardly a car to be seen making for a most enjoyable ride. (Love that road!!)

    Another brief stop at Milawa Bakery had me downing the necessary coffee, while Lisa decided to peruse the wares of the shop next door, returning with a jar of local honey, containing papaya and ginger, mmm. A quick visor clean and we were on the final stretch to Bright, including a run up Mt Buffalo before it went dark! Motel accomm for 2 nights, short walk along river into town.

    Bar at motel:
    neds bar.
    Day 2: Leaving Bright, we continued on up through Harrietville/Hotham before taking a break at Omeo, by now it was getting warm, ready for the run up to Mitta Mitta. Blue Duck Inn at Anglers Rest was closed for lunch, so we kept going and enjoyed a late lunch at Mitta Pub, chatting about how great the road was. Yes, there is fuel At Mitta Mitta, but I seem to recall only seeing 91. The Mitta Pub (aka Laurel Hotel) is well worth a visit.

    hotham snow.
    Mitta Pub:
    mitta rear.
    mitta pub.
    With our tummies full, we continued all the way along Omeo Hwy into Tallangatta, which was our next fuel stop and quick snack, a peppermint hedgehog being the order of the day. The run back to Bright was on Gundowring Rd, rather than Kiewa Valley highway, a slightly more preferred route with less traffic. Just to keep us awake, the run via Tawonga Gap Rd into Bright certainly got the senses racing, another top run!

    A walk into town along the river for dinner, with Bright very quiet the last few days, lots of places closed, no doubt that will change by the weekend given the great weather.

    Day 3: After brekkie at the motel we again headed into town to check out coffee places, stumbling upon Ginger Baker, welcoming staff, nice layout, great variety of food and of course, coffee was yum.

    Ginger Baker:
    ginger. The home run was pretty much the way we came up on day 1, again sampling Whitfield-Mansfield Rd, with weather every bike rider would love. Plenty of bugs about but it's better than being rained on. My final photo is taken near Milawa, where Lisa had a chance to play Lead rider.
    brand home.
    It was a great ride with company to match, looking forward to doing it all again in the near future. Shame we couldn't stay a few more days, maybe next time...
    Thanks for taking the time to read, Ned :)
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  2. Looks like you had an amazing time, I'm so jealous!
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  3. Top lowdown on the trip. Cheers. Jealous x 2
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  4. awesome guys!
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  5. Great report Ned, some excellent roads.
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  6. great ride report, and great photos!!! top marks
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  7. ^^ Thanks guys (y), thought I'd better post it up while it was all still fresh in my memory, photos didn't come out too bad considering they were from my phone. Still a few unexplored roads around that way I'd like to check out, but hoping to include them in the next trip.
  8. Threads like these make me happy.

    One day..one day..
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  9. Great post, setting the bar high. I'm doing GOR with my wife next month so it'll be a shorter 750 odd km in 3 days. Will try and post as good a report!
  10. dammit, I'm doing a two-dayer on the weekend, why should you Victorians have all the fun??? :LOL:
  11. Self employed victorians in my case lol - wagged yesterday morning as well...
  12. I enjoyed the tale of your adventure Ned. My partner Peter and I camped in tents at the Mitta Mitta Caravan Park a couple of years ago, and lunched at the same pub. We look forward to a ride up there on our new bikes.
  13. Thanks RAVYN, it sure is a nice part of Vic. I'm hoping to do a slighly modified version of the same trip, also in reverse. While I was there I sussed out Mitta Pub's accomm as that may be a stop over point some time. Friendly place. Will try and allow time to visit Lake Dartmouth too.

    With holidays coming up I'm keen to venture out as much as I can.
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  14. Thanks for the great read, our country roads can make for some awesome rides. Over nighters are one of the best rides I recon, gives us the chance to mingle with the locals, and learn about the area.
  15. You're welcome Glenn, yep the overnighters and especially the 5 dayers are what I love doing, and then there's the Tassie gig (another story) Glad you enjoyed the write-up and hope to be able to provide more of the same in the future.

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  16. Great couple of days. for it guys.
    I was up that way myself at the same time. Bendigo Seymour Albury( Boring Hume) then Riverina Hwy and Murray river rd,mmmm and camped at Jinjelic pub (free camping on the river). Next morning over Kosciusko thru dead horse gap ,Thredbo and
    Took the Dalgety Rd from Berridale to Monaro Hwy thru Bombala to Cann River . Went down the A1 to Orbost with quick visit to see Snowy Mt River meet the sea at Marlo . then across to Omeo and up the Omeo Hwy to Mitta Mitta . I camped at Anglers Rest free camp grounds opposite the blue duck Inn . on route to M.M. . Then up to Wodonga Hume Seymour, Home. 1530 ks My Xmas present to myself.
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  17. Get the best bacon and egg rolls at Cann River !!!
  18. I'm interested :)
  19. Nice bike Brad. When did you get it?
    Give us a review.