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3 day trip ideas

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Mick M, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. Hey there, folks.

    I'm starting to plan 'The 3 Day Epic Camping Trip', to do somewhere b/w 10/9 - 16/9. (That's the last week of term 3)

    Start/Finish Eastern Melbourne, using the humble Wee.

    Happy to clock up to 2000km in total, mix of road/easy gravel, while camping roadside/bushside, or whatever.
    This may be an opportunity to catch up with some of you fantastic Netruders, I haven't met yet.

    Perhaps a coffee/cake stop or a social ride could happen, while I'm in your neck of the woods. Maybe you'd even share your favourite road local with me.

    In the meantime, I'm looking for ideas, destinations, scenic detours, and, of course, anyone remotely interested in joining me in some good, clean fun.

    Over to you, now...:whistle:
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  2. With the beauty of Gippsland, Wilsons Prom, the High Country twisties heading West won't probably appeal that much. But that's an idea anyway :happy:.

    Take a ferry from Sorrento to Queenscliff and ride the length of the GOR ( with a day in Otways maybe) all the way to Portland. Then come up to Casterton and turn east again towards Dunkeld and Southern Grampians. From there up north to Halls Gap via Vic Valley or straight along C216. Ride the famous road to Zumsteins and few more to explore the park. Home bound via Central Goldfields: Avoca, Maryborough, Maldon, Daylesford, Macedon. The last couple of hours might not be as exciting as the rest though.

    Can't suggest anything useful about camping, but I believe Stever42Stever42 has heaps of experience and can give you few ideas. So is Rus LerRus Ler. All the best with your trip, it's a great idea to spend 3 days (y). If you do ride to the Grampians, I'll be happy to catch up for a ride and a coffee.
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  3. You could easily get "lost" in the Otways for 3 days, or if going east - Orbost, Bonang, Jindabyne, Tallangatta, Omeo, Mt Hotham, Dargo (60 kms good gravel road, is closed over winter, boom gate just out of Mt Hotham, not sure when it opens, depending on the snow season) or Bright, King Valley. Damn we Mexicans are spoilt for choice (y)(y)
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  4. If it was me.
    Leave Melbourne through Ferntree Gully and take the Mt. Dandelong Rd and ride through to Olinda where you hang right to Monbulk then ride through to Lilydale.
    At Lilydale ride through to Eildon. It must now be time for a coffee and catch you breath. Back on the bike and ride to Jameison to Mansfield and have lunch.
    With the inner man full ride to Merton and hang a right down to Euroa and because this all about the ride come back through Strathbogie to Merton to Yea. You are going to need a coffee at Yea
    Leaving Yea take the road to Flowerdale-Strath Creek and take a right onto the Hume for a few kms. Go left on the Puckapunyal to Tooborao and overnight at Heathcote.

    Fully rested you can ride to Redesdale to Kyneton to Woodsend hang a left and ride towards Hesket for about 10kms where you hang a right down through Mt Macedon to Gisbourne. I think it is coffee time. Leaving Gisbourne ride through Bullengarook to Bacchus Marsh. Now down the Hwy. for about 20kms and take a right to Greendale-Trentham. Just 3 km take a left and ride to Daylesford. Take a right at Daylesford and ride throught to Castlesmaine and keep riding through to Maryborough for lunch. After lunch ride through Ararat to Hall Gap. And we will need an early coffee here because it will be awhile before we can get the next coffee. Halls Gap to Wartook and we want to turn left in about 8kms and don't miss this turn like I did to Brimpaen. Then we take a left and ride to Cavendish-Dunkeld-Penshurst and overnight at Warrnambool.

    Day 3 is enjoy the GOR.
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  5. True, but reading about your exploits in the Grampians and your photos make me want to visit your play spaces.

    Might just take you up on that Fr33dmFr33dm (y)

    The Otways sound like a good plan for this trip, as I'm a bit apprehensive about riding solo in the high country, during early spring.

    True, that.

    EricEric, thanks for your suggestions as well. I'll skip the top 1/2, as these are my day ride routes. I like my epic trips to include roads I do not know well.
    I am intrigued by your Northern Vic route, which would take me through to Ballarat. :happy: This could form part of day two.

    Please keep the ideas coming. I'm loving this... :ROFLMAO:
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  6. Sounds like fun, Mick!
    Will be following this threat with interest!

    Still living vicariously through other people's riding experiences! :)
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  7. If I had a Wee...
    Out through Noojee and Willow Grove, Rawson, Heyfield, Licola, back through Briagolong to Bairnsdale.
    Buchan then north through Gelantipy, east to McKillops Bridge (dirt road) over to Bonang and back to orbost.
    Return leg via Sth Gippy , Mirboo Nth, Poowong.
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  8. Sounds great Mick, how about the Barry Way as part of the trip. It runs along the Snowy river. There are a couple of campsites the best I reckon is on a tributary stream to the Snowy on the Vic side near Suggan Buggan. Or on the NSW side there is one on the Snowy itself although I can't remember its name.
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  9. Keep in mind, September in the high country may still have snow and closed roads,
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  10. If you are going to be in the Halls Gap to Ararat to Hamilton on the 12th, I will ride down and spend the the day riding with you.
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  11. Hey Mick MMick M, I don't know Victoria very well but I was thinking how about a ride that takes you west down along the coast through Warrnambool and up and around through Mt Gambier and then up to Adelaide, possibly meet up with gizzogizzo and then do the ride back via Bordertown to Ararat. It's a lot of riding distance though by the looks of it on google but might be possible.

    The last Stromtroopers gathering in May was at Quorn in SA and apparently there are some nice roads down that way.
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  12. I think that you would need an extra day for that. Some years ago I road the GOR, Naracoorte, Kingston, Adelaide and it was a solid 13 hr ride and about 3 photo stops. The road just out of Casterton to Langkoop is a resurfaced and follows a river. I like that road as a ride, very little traffic and it is in better condition than Vic's main roads. The other tease with this would be that you just reach the twisties and you need to turn around again to head back. I have checked my roster and I get back from Perth Saturday. So with Sunday as a rest day, I can hit the road on Monday.
  13. Yeah I thought that might have been the case, not knowing the area very well (or at all really) doesn't help :)
  14. I'm keen for ride but I'll have to check to see if I'm around then. The meetup at Halls Gap still appeals.
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  15. Thanks 69SIM69SIM , for the suggestion. The GOR is definitely on my hit list.

    Thanks EricEric , for the great offer. I'll just have to check my dates as the ride gets closer.

    gizzogizzo , let's see if we can make the meet-up happen. Perhaps Fr33dmFr33dm can show us the best spots in the Grampians :smug:
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  16. I can rustle up a bed if your coming through Warrnambool
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  17. That's an incredibly generous offer, Rus LerRus Ler.

    I'd really love to catch up with you. Your lifestyle is vastly different to mine, as I'm a city slicker through and through, I'm fascinated by rural life.
    I'm pretty dead set on camping, but might ask permission to borrow a patch of your backyard for a night.
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  18. #18 Rus Ler, Jul 24, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2016
    I have a "reasonably large" backyard, just watch where you stand :poop::poop:
    We could even light a fire to add to your camping cred
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