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3 Day Trip from 2777

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by BurntToast, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,
    I am doing a 3 day trip starting on the 9th November. I have just quit my job (last day Saturday 7th November), so thought what better way to celebrate than to hit the open road.

    The plan is to go from the Blue Mountains, to Tamworth via Putty Road & Gloucester, to Port Macquarie via Grafton & Coffs Harbour, and then back home to the Blue Mountains via Wollombi & Wisemans Ferry. The route may look a bit unorthodox; I just went for a mixture of great riding roads mixed with some scenic passes. I will be staying in hotels rather than camping (nothing against camping; just for the convenience of rocking up to a freshly made bed with a hot shower, tv and a fridge to keep the beverages at ideal consumption temperature).

    Below is a detailed plan of my trip. I am making this thread to receive suggestions/advice from those of you who have knowledge of the roads/areas in which I am going (I have only ridden as far north as Singleton). The route isn't 100% concrete; are there any roads which you would or wouldn't recommend? Any landmarks which I don't want to miss? Good spots for lunch and coffee in between destinations? Best pubs at destinations? Any hotel horror stories? Any items which you would deem essential?

    I have previously done an overnight ride which was about 6 hours on both days, so the long days don't phase me too much.

    Thanks everyone, looking forward to your input!









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  2. All the best for the road trip...

    Keep us posted and take lots of pics.
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  3. Thats a good route, some great riding through there.
    1500ks spread over the 3 days, plenty of time to have a look see and get some photos.
    Have a great trip BurntToast.
  4. Don't miss the look out up behind coffs, sunrise if possible. Watch out for the B-Doubles coming through Kempsy. Have a great ride man.
  5. All the best with your adventure BurntToastBurntToast. Can't give you any tips, haven't been there, but I'm looking forward to a great write up and lots of nice photos. Enjoy and celebrate your new freedom (y)
  6. Good luck with your trip, looking forward to the ensuing stories and pics!
  7. consider doing the Oxley highway while you are in the Port Macquarie area if fun twisties are you thing
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  8. Agreed. I wouldn't go all that way and miss it!
  9. Maybe a slight variation is needed....

  10. My recommendation for Day 3 (did this same route a couple of weekends ago):

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  11. Day One Complete!
    Left the Mountains by 7am and headed down to Richmond via Yarramundi. Made my way on to the Putty Rd and never looked back! Stopped for 20151109_141918. 20151109_143704. 20151109_145600. 20151109_152525. 20151109_152927. 20151109_182532. breakfast at the Grey Gum Cafe; great coffee, great food but an absolute f#ckload of flies.
    Continued on my way up Putty Rd; quite a bit of roadworks up the top windy section spoilt a bit of fun. Fuel stop in Broke and then proceed on to Maitland via Lovedale. Had a quick walk around in Maitland; the one way roads are a pain in the ass. Jumped on Clarence Town Rd en route to Bucketts Way. These roads were great, besides the amount of road works! My once clean SFV now has a lovely coating of mud on the underside!
    Arrived in Gloucester at about 1:30pm, filled up the bike and filled up my belly with a feed from Roadies (whole lot of motorcycle memorabilia in the cafe). With lunch done; the final stretch of the day was upon me. Up until this point, i had completely forgotten to take any photos! So made sure to get a few along Thunderbolts Way, which is now my favourite riding road! It went from sweeping country bends to quite possibly the craziest hill climb I've experienced in my short riding career. The views from the top were magnificent! My only close call on that section of road came when an oncoming logging truck decided he liked my lane rather than his own. Continued along Thunderbolts Way before coming across a very steep & slow descent very similar to the drop into Megalong Valley. It was a 5km-8km piece of twisting tarmac with an understandable speed limit of 40km/h. Once the downhill descent had been conquered, the sweeping plains continued where I had a second close call; almost cleaning up a deceased furry friend who was hiding over a crest.

    Kept plodding along, checking out the scenery before taking a left onto Topman Drive and gunning it for Tamworth. Tamworth is a great place, never been before but would definitely see myself returning after my maiden visit. Spent the afternoon exploring the town and enjoying the views from a lookout before jumping on the Diggers Club courtesy bus to treat myself to a Rump and some bourbons.
    Have risen this morning a little dusty but raring to go!
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