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3 Bikes Stolen From Locked Garage Hurstville Area

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by MrMike, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, on monday night or early tuesday morning i had 3 bikes knocked off from my locked garage.
    1. KTM 250EXC 2007 White plastics with limited edition snow white sticker kit (Really stands out)
    2. KTM 200EXC 2005 pretty standard looking KTM with pro circuit expansion chamber
    3. Honda XR100 2003 like brand new, maybe 2hours total on this bike (was my mums)

    If anyone can help me in recovering these bikes there will be a substantial reward involved.....i just really want them back.

    The police seem to do sweet FA so just trying to get the word out.

    Its the worst feeling guys i hope none of you have to go through it.

  2. fuk me, wow, i live in that area, i hope u got home and contents insurance,

    best of luck with it man, which side of hurstville u at? i live down between queen and stoney creek road, and leave my bike parked out the fount, as does a guy down the road, leaves a white cbr250rr on the street, and before there used to be a guy on the next street with a gs500 left parked on the street as well, so many easy targets, yet they take the time to break into a garage. might need a chain around her now, just wow, pm your street, interested to know which side u live

    again best of luck, knowing hurstville police, they are pretty bad with this sorta thing.....
  3. Wow - sorry to hear about this. Hope you manage to get them back.
  4. that sucks mate. whats worse is that you probably won't see them again.

    call all the wreckers in your area and drop in photos of the bikes to them, thats about as much as you can do really. dirt bikes would be a fkn hard item to recover as they arn't regoed
  5. Yeah not much worse than having a bike knocked off, never mind 3! That sucks man hope you get them back!