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3.5 day roadtrip around VIC - advice appreciated.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by GunSlingerAU, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. Hey guys

    I recently moved from Sydney to Melbourne, so have very little knowledge of the area. Next Friday my brother and I are doing a test-ride with the a couple of Victory Hammers (mine is hopefully an 8-ball, which is the model I've put a deposit down on, but it's likely to be the Hammer S, as they didn't have a demo 8-ball when I booked it. Both have the huge rear tire, so the Hammer S should give me a good idea of how the 8-ball handles).

    We get the bikes Friday at lunchtime, and have to return them the following Tuesday morning (gotta love long weekends!). We're planning on riding around 6 to 7 hours each day, checking out some of Victoria's most scenic rides. I'd love to hear of any places/roads you think we should visit. Note that I don't want to do a route with lots crazy twisties, as I'm new to a bike of this size and weight.

    So yeah, if you could just mention a few awesome destinations, and the best way to get there, it'd be hugely appreciated. Note that we'll be staying at hotels, so need to end up at one each night. Thanks a million for any advice you can give, and let me just say that I don't think I've been quite so excited about a weekend for at least a decade :p
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  3. Thanks for the link, I'll be sure to check it out with my brother. Cheers!
  4. Include the High Country, Reefton spur and Great Ocean Road. If possible. :)
  5. If your going to do great ocean rd stay at portland or hamilton then hit the grampians from the dunkeld end the next day. Will be a great 2 day ride
  6. I would also consider heading up Omeo way. The southern part of the Great Alpine Road from Bairnsdale to Omeo has a few twisties but not too crazy. Great ride at this time of year. There's a few options for getting to Bairnsdale. The road over Mt Hotham does have lots of 'crazy twisties' on it's western end though, so you might prefer to retrace your route.
    North of Omeo through Mitta Mitta it's very tight and twisty, may not suit those bikes, but it's a gem.
  7. If your anywhere central i highly reccomend the areas around daylesford, trentham, and hepburn springs! There are some incredible roads up in those areas.
  8. Also, i can highly recommend the roads around jamieson and mansfield, gorgeous sweeping bends up and downhill with 100km/h speed limits (though it doesnt feel like you should do 100!)
  9. +1 for GOR. Great riding and scenery as well.
  10. Thanks a million guys - I'm meeting my bro on Wednesday night to plan the route, and will be using all of your advice!
  11. Mate, you're a legend. Thanks so much for taking the time to draw up an itinerary for us. I owe you a carton if we ever catch up for a Victorian Netrider cruise, which I'm sure is inevitable :)
  12. Nobody has mentioned this - that is one hell of a test ride they are giving you. Good show on the dealership! Assume at this point you're serious buyers!!

    Have a blast guys.
  13. Yes I agree, that road is dirt, not too bad but you may be better to go up through Mitta Mitta which is sealed the entire way, very twisty it will test you a bit.
  14. I noticed the alternative routes that WheresMyBoike offered up in your navigation thread.

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    I like them but as you mentioned they are slightly long days.
    You could possibly cut Tooma Road and Granya out of Day 2. They are both fantastic sportsbike roads but very tight and twisty. If you took Jingellic Road and the Murray River Road into Albury I reckon you'd save an hour at least.
  15. Hey folks

    I'm actually writing about this ride for Australian Road Rider mag - I'm a tech journalist, but pitched the story to them along the lines of "Lessons Learned on my First Epic Cruise". So I'll only post the briefest of wrap-ups of the trip here, you'll have to buy the mag to read the full 1800 word report! It'll be written under my real name, of Bennett Ring.

    So I booked the hotels and planned the route as suggested by you guys. Unfortunately Cooma was a tad optimistic for our first day. Between our pathetically small bladders and aching butts, we were stopping every hour and a half. Made it as far as Orbost, but had to turn back to Lakes Entrance as every hotel was booked out in Orbost. The first day's ride was a bit cold and wet, which wasn't great fun considering I'd bought my hot weather gear. I froze my gloves off until I stopped at a hardware store for some cotton inliners! A few twisties between Lakes Entrance and Orbost, but mostly long highways, which was fine considering I had to get used to the massive 250mm tyre on my Hammer S.

    Day two saw us rise nice and early as we had a huge 8 hour ride planned to Cooma and then Albury, to make it in time for our hotel booking (day 1's booking was paid and lost as a result of us being slower than expected). As soon as we hit the NSW border the weather cleared to bright blue skies and 30C. It was beautiful. We were heading to Cooma as we couldn't cut across the alps due to a cycling comp, but when we made it to Bombala the local garage attendant pointed out that we could cut across to Jindabyne then Albury, shaving about 3 hours off. I'm so glad we did, as we found this incredible two laner called The Snowy River Way that cut through farmland and a windfarm It was full of sweeping corners and elevation changes, and once I got my mind around the Hammer's handling felt like a 2 hour roller coaster ride. One of the best rides of my life. Heading into Jindabyne was stunning, as we saw a massive lake as we crested the hill. Almost dropped the bike at the servo, as it turns out Wasps love the Hammer S, and one landed on my left hand, causing me to drop the clutch and do a mini-burn out. Ooops.

    Then we had the Alpine Way to contend with. In hindsight, probably not the best idea for my first ride on a big cruiser with handling of the Hammer. I gave the Hammer to my more experienced bro for the first hour, but he was so scared of the cornering that he gave it back to me half way through! We got over without a scratch though, but were riding about as slow as Volvo drivers to do so. Still, a stunning piece of road, and I can't wait to head back there now I've bought my own Hammer and can actually turn the beast.

    We made it to Albury by 6pm on Day 2, and settled in for another night of beer and chatting up locals. Let's just say that we had more success in navigating the Mountains than the bedrooms of any locals ;)

    Day 3 saw us up early again, and we cut back in towards Beechworth. There followed another few hours of twisties and sweeping corners, and we couldn't stop grinning. By 2pm we were getting a bit tired though, so headed straight back to Melbourne, passing a tragic car crash on the way (2 fatalities). All in all we covered 1600km in 3 days, which was a bit of a surprise to the Victory store, as they usually see 700km or less on these demo weekends. Still, they ended up loaning us the bikes for FIVE days, so what did they expect?

    Despite struggling with the Hammer S on day 1 and 2, by the end of the trip I was in love. A week later I picked up my shiny new 2014 Hammer 8-ball, and haven't stopped grinning since. Thanks so much for all of your advice, and I look forward to heading out with you guys on some nice leisurely weekenders. Until then, Gunny out!
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  16. By the way, I have to point out the amazing service I experienced at Victory. Super helpful and accomodating.
  17. how ya goin gs , i have just bought a 2010 8 ball in november 2014 , clocked up 10,000kms on it already , there a very well balanced bike and awesome to ride and good power , the only problem is the clearance , scrap the pipes , foot pegs and foot peg brackets , its just a tad different to my 1974 harley shovelhead , love the victory , Leroy