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3/4 "skull-cap" fitting helmets?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by markformo, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. I'm a new cruiser rider and currently wear a sensible full-face helmet BUT.. with the warmer weather coming and most of my weekend riding just local I would like an open-face helmet as an alternate. Trouble is I have a pin head and all the helmets i've tried so far make me look like Kazoo from the Flintstones (maybe someone out there is old enough to remember the little alien with the big head?)
    Anyway, i've seen some bikie types wearing tiny little things like skull-caps. Can anyone advise me as to what, where, etc.

  2. How about you strap a dinner plate to your head. Be about as effective.
  3. One would think you would want to cover your head up. :roll:

    As for the 3/4 things never seen them and hope i don't.

    Most helmets don't get to hot whilst going, it's the stopping at the lights where you (I) seem to heat up.

    Im all for full face helmets!
  4. 3/4 "skull cap" helmets

    Thanks for the constructive replies so far. Perhaps riders who actually wear open-face helmets might have some ideas on a make of legal helmet to suit handsome (lol) guys with smaller heads. Whilst waiting for replies I found a mob "custom cage" on Moss St Slacks Creek that advertise some skull cap novelty lids - not sure though how legal.
    P.S. for the record I sometimes wear shorts and T-shirt on the bike too.
  5. I was around a couple of harley riders with the skull caps you speak of, they bought them from america and slapped borrowed aussie standard stickers on them in case a copper asked them about them, basically they are of no use in a crash or atleast very little.
    But go to a big bike store with a number of helmet brands like PS in the city and try some on.
  6. Re: 3/4 "skull cap" helmets

    I think that explains everything
  7. So far I've collected 2 galahs, 3 swarms of bees, countless small (thankfully) stones and several rounds of green swill from passing cattle trucks. One galah bent my specs and made my nose bleed without real harm because I was protected by a full face helmet and visor. Not to mention sunburn. No open faced nonesense for me! JS
  8. check out morgan and wacker in newstead dude.

    a mate of mine bought a pretty rad looking open face like the one you're describing from them.

    I'd be keen for one too, but, i just can't do open face helmets...
  9. Sure does, explains that you are now officially part of the Safety Nazis :p

    Hi markformo

    You need to get to somewhere like www.rollies.com.au - they will at least give you a few options and should have a few various brands.

    I had both a half helmet and an open face (3/4) - I wanted a Noland 3/4 and ended up with a HJC. Great to have the wind in your face and good luck with it all
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  11. To get a small-looking helmet is impossible with Australian Standards.
    The crash protection stuff needs to be too thick.
    Either an illegal novelty helmet, or buy an XtraXtraSmall and rip all the
    styrene crash protection out of the liner until it is loose
    enough to fit on your head. It will look great but if you
    hit your head you will die or be a vegetable.

    Probably illegal, definitely dangerous, dont blame me if you decide to do it.
  12. Re: 3/4 "skull cap" helmets

    I've ridden in shorts and t-shirt. How does that explain everything about me?

    The SP1 used to get mighty hot sitting at the lights, the shorts & T provided some degree of comfort.
  13. OH NOES!!! dont wear anything but a full face helmet and full leathers with armour when riding, everyone knows that god will smite you down along with 3 ewoks if you dont!!!
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  15. yeah you're right coconuts. if he wants to wear a novelty helmet, it's his choice. Besides, there are too many idiots alive in the world today - we could do with one less ;)

    go with what you're comfortable with but it should still pass the standards required here.
  16. Re: 3/4 "skull cap" helmets

    What it explains to me is that some people don't take their safety all that seriously, but each to their own I guess. I like my skin where it is and will make the best effort I can to keep it there. I have seen some very serious gravel rash and heard some horror stories of the pain involved in having it treated and waiting for it to heal.

    I also ride a Honda SP so I don't see that as a reason to be in the running to win a scare comparision comp.

    Like I said each to their own but it's just like the $99 helmet for the $99 head , you can take offence if you like but if you don't value your safety, I don't care.
  17. So why post??
  18. Fellas,fellas,fellas!!! It seems i've really opened a can of worms with this topic and obviously there are some strong opinions about dodgy helmets worn by some. Each to their own yea. Appreciate all the replies, advice etc. I will ensure whatever helmet i get is Australian Standard Approved and legal - no ice cream containers for me!!
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  20. Re: 3/4 "skull cap" helmets

    the difference in actual real world protection between a $99 helmet and a $1500 helmet of the same style (ie-full face) would be VERY low and can be argued in some cases to be in the favor of the cheaper helmets. price gives you extra style, comfort and features - not really safety

    as for the rest of the gear, if you want REAL protection, a full leather suit with armour is the only way to go, everything else is a compromise. textiles tear much easier than leathers, potentially leaving you wide open to the road directly after impact (seen it before, guy might aswell have been wearing shorts for all his draggins did). so really, someone that wears leathers at all times could call you an eejit for wearing draggins and a dririder, its all relative :wink:

    buuut the safety nazis will come up with a million reasons why squids are stupider than them and open face helmet wearers will lose their face to the road as soon as they hit it. why not, it makes them feel better about their own purchases and gives them a chance to belittle these road users anonamously on an online forum :p :p