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$3.00 for fuel good thing for bikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tomcatalex, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. If the Ausie dollar drops back to 50c our fuel must also go up double. So is 3 bucks a litre petrol going to make our country look like vietnam with scooters and bikes everywhere, or are people going to sell up their bikes and just have the 1 car cause cant afford the bikes with mortgage and fuel etc

  2. Tomcaltex......vested interest...... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:


    I think people will turn their car into a dog kennel and rely on their bike.
  3. Unless the Government cuts back the tax - and if petrol rapidly increases to 3 bucks a litre they'll more than likely be under a lot of pressure from the public to do exactly that.
    Unlike Asia most of the populated parts of Australia get cold for much of the year - so most people need to have a car for some of the year anyway (that and the need to cart kids/large items). So increased fuel price is more likely to encourage small, efficient cars than convert people to trying to ride a 50cc scooter when it's pissing down rain and freezing cold. Even in Asia most people are ditching their scooters for cheap small cars simply because of the increased safety and air-con they offer. Only people who buy bikes are those that want to ride - I don't think anything would ever force people to ride.
  4. nah people will cope, smaller cars are already a reality.
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  6. I agree, for the sake of procticality cars will not be replaced, just created smaller and more efficient through market
  7. True !
    My little turbo-diesel gives me better fuel economy than my Duc ! :eek:

    Its been like that in Europe for some time, even go to Japan - its a myth they all drive Skylines and WRXs . . . . typical japanese traffic consists of little "Kei" cars.

    It will be difficult for many though.
  8. I've told my husband I am willing to let him use my GPX as a commuter, and the Blackbird will be the weekend toy.

    At the moment, I drive him 30ks each way to work when it's raining, and then fight the peak hour on the way home with three kids in the back. If fuel prices get over $1.50 we can't afford to do that anymore, therefore I will make the ultimate sacrifice - my Geepy :(
  9. Go the mighty Suzuki Cappucino! :LOL:

    Definitely think people will need to start thinking more about their realistic daily needs vs covering that "once a year" event where they actually need the carrying capacity of an otherwise totally inappropriate vehicle.

    Or at least go for the more efficient models.

    With the exception of a few bulkier purchases - large television, furniture - my lil' two seater has gotten me by just fine. 95% of the time I've no need for a bigger car. Even when I went bike-only for a few months and put the car into hibernation the bike was plenty for commuting and weekly shopping.

    That said... My kingdom for a third seat in my car! Just one more! Then I'd be happy! :p
  10. likewise cars are handy and will never be replaced, and larger cars might will still be out there, for those that do require to move large items on a regular basis......but completely agree they won't be used as a one person daily commuter :)
  11. Spots, a bit off topic . . . but do you still have you Jaguar suit ??? :LOL:
  12. +1
    Anywhere that sells bulky items usually does delivery anyway - and the cost of that is far less than the cost of running a large 4wd/ute all year for the 1 or 2 times you might actually need it.
  13. :grin: A little off-topic, yeah. Anyhow... it's a Cheetah, not a Jaguar, but yes, yes I do still have it.

    Got back into making costumes as a hobby just recently, in fact - I had a failed attempt at building an animal costume I could legally and safely wear for charity ride events like the Toy Run... Failed in that it was legal and safe, just pretty 'meh' looking. Might give it another shot though. :LOL:
  14. I'd expect to see a *lot* more diesel cars being bought in Australia.

    There are already lots of VW's being sold with diesels, and the other euro manufacturers are gradually increasing diesel sales as well.

    Holden have diesel Astras, Hyundai diesel i30s and Ford diesel Focuses.

    The introduction of diesel motors into small (rather than medium) sized cars will only hasten the process.

    After all... why burn 10litres of petrol every 100kms when you can burn 6 litres of diesel instead.

    And once they are available in small cars it'll be 'why burn 7 litres of petrol every 100kms when you can burn 4 litres of diesel every 100kms'.

    And 4 litres of diesel even at $3 a litre is only $12 every 100kms (or about the same cost as running a petrol mid sized car now).

    So yes... expect to see more diesel cars and more (even) smaller cars on the road.
  15. It'll be a combination of things. There will be people who switch to bikes, there will be people who get smaller cars (mostly), there will be people who switch to public transport and the will be people who ride push bikes and/or walk.

    All of those things will be good for us.

    Last time petrol was up around $1.50, my ride to work was reduced by 20%, time wise, which was great. People are a bit more used to higher prices now, so it will need to go closer to $1.60 to effect much change now.
  16. Stop spending, you are driving up inflation and making me pay more for my mortgage
  17. But... but... I'm about to get a new bike! I sold my minimonster to a friend who's learning to ride. I'm bikeless!

    You wouldn't deprive me of a bike... would you? :angel:
  18. While I agree with what people are saying about introducing diesel cars etc,
    can I ask what might be a silly question, but why is the dollar dropping back to 50c? I know it will go down, but that far in a short time? At least some of the banks disagree http://www.stgeorge.com.au/resources/sgb/downloads/treasury/eco_reports/dollar_outlook_14feb2008.pdf[/url]
  19. The thing is in similar cars at the moment (with similar performance) they only represent a saving of around 1-1.5l/100km. At the moment they cost about $3000 more at purchase. even at 1.5 litres differences and petrol at $2/litre, you would have to do 100,000 km to get your money back.

    I'm betting service costs and parts are dearer too. so it's probably closer to 150,000 km and thats if petrol is as dear as $2/litre.

    but people are buying them.
  20. It won't. 65 is a more realistic point, but if there is a corresponding 25% increase in the price of petrol then you are in the ball park of $3.00/litre