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2x piece suit

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by POPEYE, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. anyone 6foot, size 36 that can recommend a comfortably fitting 2x piece suit for track days.

    I have the RST 2x piece, worn it about 10 times. Still too tight at the knees.

    any suggestions welcome

  2. Have you considered getting your RST suit modified instead?
  3. where can you get suits modified? my rev'it! suit is a bit tight also at the knees and a bit around the bum/lower back
  4. http://www.ozmotorcycleleathers.com/
  5. many thanks guys,

    i am popping in to have my suit modified some time this week.

    I will let you know how i go.

  6. i went to Oz motorcyle leathers last wednesday, told Irena I had a track day on that Saturday. I got my leathers back Friday night. Pants were extended 6cm which made a huge difference in comfort & ability to move around on the bike, yet they still looked great.

    Ended up having a fantastic track day Saturday.

    Many thanks to Oz Motorcycle leathers, highly recommended.

  7. seen his work while here at my place fixing suits for some canberra racers that other companies could not do

    why do you ask IRENA ?

    do you think Micks work is sub-standard ?
  8. I know Mick and he does a very good service for a lot of people, but when it comes to alterations, I know that we are the best.

    I'm guessing you've got a problem because we didn't want to stock your helmets.
  9. not all Irena -- I am still selling them without you
  10. Good luck with that
  11. Sweeties I've used both, Mick's a traveling troubadour who will turn up to Race Meets and the like, he's old school.....

    Irena has the irresistible combination of talent and passion......

    Darlings I'm a Gimoto tragic....
  12. sorry guys you are both wrong.
  13. i have seen your work irena and its improving, i trained mick for 8 years and failed, sorry to the riders for that.
  14. :nopity: Phil, that is very unprofessional for you to say that. We have sent you a few customers in the past but we'll refer them to Mick from now on.

    Mick is a friend of ours and has done good work for many racers up and down the country, a service few are willing to provide. He shares the same passion as ours to look after customers and provide quality work at good rates.

    We are very proud of our work and customer relationships.

  15. Why all this bitching and fighting there's plenty of clients out there for all of you. Just be grateful for being where you all are financially and relax.
  16. my 2cents = either mick or irena (ozmotoleathers) - depends where you are located either way you wont be disappointed
  17. you must remember irena ,that there is more than one rooster in the hen house , if you are going to make statements in the public domain you can expect to be corrected if others believe you are mistaken.