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VIC 2X New AGV Visors Clear

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by CFVFR, Dec 19, 2011.

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  1. As of today 22/12/11 these visors are no longer available

    Seeing as its Christmas an all, thought I'd pull that thumb outta my ass and palm off the two new (still in bags) AGV clear Visors as I dumped the lid a few years back.
    Kit Shield GT AS 1609

    If this means anything to you and you are in the area, then pop in and see for yourself.
    Please know your type of replacement visor as I wont be getting into the old, "would that visor fit my AGV discussion"
    Pick up is Mt Martha, Vic. Pm me for more details etc.

    Love, Peace and safe riding to all.
    I will update when and if they are taken.


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  2. I've now got both visors off of CFVFR (thanks dude!) but don't need them both. I think MV has laid claim to one of them but if I don't hear from him then one is still up for grabs. Free of course and courtesy of CFVFR.

    Located in Williamstown.
  3. PM sent SAMB.
  4. All hail the great CFVFR! *wheeze cough*
    Just glad to help out 2 peeps on this forum of AWESOMENESS!!!!
  5. Much appreciated mate :)

    Thanks again.
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