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NSW 2x Gold Class movie vouchers

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by Hicksey11, Aug 15, 2011.

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  1. I won these in Competition earlier this year. I have no intention of using them as the cimemas that have gold class are like 3 hours away atleast.

    So basically I am giving away 2x Movie vouchers which expire 31/03/12, so you would still have plenty of time to use them.

    They can only be used at the following cinemas:
    Event Cinemas
    Greater union
    Birch Carroll & Coyle
    Village Cinemas

    If you want them just reply here and the first to do so will recieve a PM from me asking address details.


  2. auction them off here and give money to charity
  3. I'll take them, I'll pay postage
  4. Sorry Guys.

    Already Gone.

    Fasting thing I think I've ever sold. It was free though.
  5. Excellent suggestion there. RSPCA maybe?
  6. agreed
  7. That would have been a good idea. Too late now. Besides I already give my fair share to charity. I actually volunteer at Salvos and I donate to Prostate Cancer Org, because thats how my pop died and its too damn common in all us good Blokes
  8. its not you giving to charity its the winner of the auction
  9. Oh fair enough. But who is to say they would anyway?

    Well next time I will think before I act haha..
  10. dang.
    charity would've been a great idea
  11. where u live?
  12. I live in Junee Goz. The only cinemas close by are Forum 6 or Hoyts so thats why I dont want the tix
  13. damn, u go to rabbits statue last week?
  14. No unfortunately. I was at a 40th Birthday Party that day which was good, but I heard there were heaps of people there. Also the School Boys Footy Carnival was on that weekend aswell. Its good for the town, It will bring a lot of Footy orientated people here I guess.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.