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VIC 2x Girl Rider T shirts

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by mroads75, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. Hi everyone, I have two brand new Girl Rider Tshirts, to go to a new home, one is pink the other purple, size 16 but are a fitted shirt. Happy to SMS pics to anyone interested........ Cheers

  2. I want pics!!!
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  3. yes will need pics to ensure the bust fills the shirts properly.
  4. Maybe you should post up a pic of YOUR boobs MT1 and MRoads will be able to let you know if the shirts will fit you.
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  5. you show me yours first
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  6. I already showed my puppies in the Smidsy thread ...did you miss them?
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  7. I'll take them :)

    Have a friend in Geelong will see if she is able to pick them up.
  8. Oh yes. That is doing it for me.
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  9. Red hot tip for the blokes... If you think you might be doing something nice for your other half in trying to hook her up with a couple of cute shirts, then for the sake of your relationship (read "ever having sex again"), do not overestimate her size!

    Conversation in our house last night: "Hey honey, there's some cute girl rider shirts here that might be perfect for you and I'm pretty sure they're your size. You're a 16 right?"

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  10. Bahahahahahahhahaahaha!!!!! Ohhh dear... what size was she? You could have saved it by saying something like: your boobs are so gorgeous and you're so busty - JUST the way I like it! - that I thought you might prefer a bigger top thats more comfortable for you!
  11. LOL I wasn't game to ask... I think maybe 14 but it's not worth my life to find out. I tried to tell her that, whatever size she was, it's "perfect" but I'm not sure I'm entirely off the hook.

    To be fair, she's lost a lot of weight in the last couple of years - a man can't be expected to remember where the oil goes in his bike AND keep track of a woman's clothing sizes can he?
  12. You couldn't simply go to her wardrobe and find the current size section? Its usually between the too fat section and the too thin section, both of which are generally two times the size of the current size section.
  13. *shudder* I am NOT going anywhere near her wardrobe. I'll end up in Narnia and I don't like lions.
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  14. Oh Gobberwart, a nice gesture gone terribly wrong, hope you come out of it on the other side with minimal damage

    Caz No.2, the shirts are yours, Im going to be at the Pink Ribbon Ride on Sunday if you are there.... otherwise your friend can come and get them no worries :)
  15. Sorry we will be riding through NSW on Sunday if you could pm me your contact details I will get my friend Jade to get in touch to organise a time. :)
  16. sorry...
    its not that its, pink... i dont think the logo would suit me :p
  17. Are they actually gone??
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