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2x Cherry Black Carbon Fibre helmets discounted

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Takamii, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. I have 2 cherry black carbon fibre helmets for sale

    They are each $430 delivered

    1x 2xl - the rear spoiler is just a little loose - I believe it could have been a bit tighter when screwed in

    you wont notice it unless you go looking for it deliberately like I did - I will make a video to show what i mean

    1x Medium -- it has a "crease" line in the carbon fibre along the jaw line on the left side - you can only see it at a certain angle though and most people would overlook it - I will take a picture if i can to show it

    however as I am pedantic about the quality I and the factory classify these as seconds purely from a cosmetic basis not a functional one

    as such the factory has replaced them for me and I have these two to offer at a discounted price

    thats it only those two in the listed size - no others - so dont ask

    PS -- these are only on offer on netrider and nowhere else

    the below circle a vertical line from top to bottom of the chin guard that is the crease not the light coloured semi horizontal kink that you may think it is - that is just a reflection

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    Where would i go in Brisbane to get sized up for your helmets mate? I assume Cherry Black is the red clear coat over bare CF?
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    yep thats correct its a red over bare CF however as stated I only have these two at that price

    see my web page for the links to the agent in brisbane as well as pics of the helmets

  4. Okay updated with hi res pic of medium
  5. pics are still way too big, moto, usual NR requirement is 1024x768 (yes I know, everyone's got bi monitors, but actually, they don't.....
  6. Thank you -- all fixed
  7. Couldn't find any info on your site about a retailer in Melbourne; does one exist?
  8. These two cherry black ones are only available from me direct -- it s only these two units I have at my place - the retailers know nothing of it and are not involved with these two as a special

    however the melbourne retailer is

  9. Yeah, I'm aware those two are only available from you - I was interested so I could check sizes.
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