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2wk trip - Melb to Sydney...what to pack?!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by I Adore Vic, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. Hey all. I'm heading off on a nice, easy, take your time and enjoy the journey type of trip to Sydney next Tuesday and seeing as I've never done anything like this before, I'm a bit stumped on what to pack.

    Today I bought myself a little tent - like a swag - from Rays in Dandenong. They were on special for $49...used to be $99...and they're berloody light and compact - perfect for the bike. (They're better than the other ones I bought Woodsy!)

    I've got an excellent little sleeping bag and mattress.

    I also bought a first aid kit today which has all the basics.

    And a torch which has a flashing function and personal alarm.

    Besides clothing and toiletries (and I wont be packing much of the former), I'm not sure what else I should be loading on the bike.

    My bike has a basic tool kit, but are there other items I shouldn't leave home without in case I have problems with the bike?

    Aaargh...I've no idea what else really!

    Thoughts/ideas appreciated. :)

    Oh BTW...I'm nervous as hell!! Bit excited too though. :)
  2. Well, you're not going off the well beaten track. So if you forget anything you can always buy it. So make sure you have plenty of money. Keep a good reserve of $$$ in case you need to bail yourself out of trouble at any time.

    You might want to consider a hydra pack, just in case it gets hot while your riding around. Those things can be a life saver.
  3. Chain lube. unless you have a scott oiler installed.
  4. Pack a sense of humour !
    No doubt you'll be catching up with us crazies from Syd ! :LOL:

    On a serious note, learn how the road tolls work ! :grin:
  5. Mobile phone is a definite

    Puncture repair kit?

    Camera for the memories :)

    Gluck on the adventure!!!
  6. Thanks Rotorcycle - I was looking at hydra packs today..will grab one before I go. And I've got money there if I need stuff.

    im.on.it - You have me curious/concerned. I better go check my chain. Haven't touched it since buying the bike - unless the guy did it at its 1000km service. It's done something like 5500km since then. Feeling stupid. It might look like a dumb question, but I've really no idea .... how do I lube the chain? Just smear it on along the length?

  7. Mickyb - ta. Will acquaint myself with it all. :) And I'm looking forward to the laughs. :grin:

    livingstonest - Thanks. I"ve got a phone. And camera. Now - puncture repair kits...I was wondering about these and whether it's worthwhile grabbing one for the trip (and learning how to use them before I leave!).

  8. Highly recomend the latter, its not fun trying to figure it out on the side of the road :)
  9. I'm going down the whole length of the Great Ocean Road at Christmas, So I've got the bike serviced and I'll give it a once over before I go, but can anyone give any tips that I'd need to know? Same for rosie, Apart from the, take lots of breaks, remember to eat and drink sort of messages. Because I'm going to make sure I get my breaks
  10. with regards to tools, remember, you are only going to need that which you have the skills to use.

    I mean, if there are very few things you would be capable of diagnosing/fixing ont he side of the road, then it probably isn't worth worrying about, just put yourelf in fate's capable hands.

    I have done a fair bit of long distance riding, and to be honest, there's not much you need that you don't need on a normal trip.

    When I ride like that I usually stop for fuel every 150 K's, cause it breaks up the tip nicely and only costs you 10 or 15 mins per stop. Then you can have a stretch, grab a drink, whatever.

    The most important thing is probably packing. Make sure you have things like wet weather gear, gloves, that sort of crap easily accessible. There's nothing worse than haveing to pull out all your clothes on the side of the fwy cause it got cold and your only jumper is at the bottom of the bag.

    I'll second the camera, and, if you're like me, and see something that's worth a photo, but couldn't be bothered pulling over for the shot, just stop and do it! it takes a couple of minutes and you'll probably love the piccy when you get home!!

  11. Hey Rosie some good advice so far & hope you have a wonderful trip, looking forward to pics when you return :grin: How about duct tape and/or cable ties in case anything needs to be *ahem adjusted, plus neither take up too much room.
  12. Make sure you are up to date with your vaccinations :rofl:
  13. Stubby holder and bottle opener...you have been warned...

    Let us know when you blow in.
  14. Yikes! :shock: Chain is dry to touch. Doesn't feel happy. Guess what's on my list of things to do tomorrow (along with oil and filter change). :shock: Thanks for those links. Excellent info. Will also get some kero and give it a nice clean first. And I'll definitely be packing the lube for the trip (after reading how often the chain should be lubed :shock: ). Thanks nee!

    Fj1100 - Good point re: tools. As for packing clothes/gear - I'm hopeless at it...or should I say I'm really lazy at it. Usually just shove everything in and if I forget something - oh well. Will take your advice and shove the wet and cold weather stuff in last. :)

    I'll be stopping every 150/200kms...the tank only lasts 200km. Depending on the surrounds/scenery I might be stopping even less than that to take pics...sit back and relax...go for a wander. :)

    I forgot to mention that along with the camera I'm also packing a notepad and pen. :) Keeping a journal of it all. And I bought a deck of cards. Time to rediscover the joys of solitaire. :LOL:

    Mach - enjoy your GOR trip. Stop/camp at Skene's creek and/or Wye River if you can. My two fav places along there. I've plans on riding down there during a quieter period and camping at Wye River...love that campground by the sea. Perfect. :)

    nixon-chic - thanks! Cable ties and gaffa tape. lol. I've been hanging around this site too much - I actually bought cable ties tonight. And I would've bought the gaffa tape as well but the roll was berloody massive so I figured I'd have a look around for a smaller roll.

    Vic - :LOL:

    Scrambles - bottle opener? Bah! I drink cans...cans of bundy. :twisted: And I don't need a stubbie holder! The rum keeps my fingers warm enough. :grin: Where in NSW are you? There's a few to see whilst up there. :) Looking forward to it. :)
  15. All the best of us are right here in good 'ol Sydney, and the best of the best reside out Parra way! (Except for Tim who rules because he is from Bathurst)
  16. you best be pulling in to mogo to update the thread that you WILL create to keep us updated ;)

    surely there is a netrider within every 150kms :LOL:
  17. I'm a 'cheater' tourer, Rosie. I travel light on the bike, (basic Ventura and a tank bag) but I send a suitcase on ahead!!! So all your good stuff travels with the courier, and you only have to carry wet-weather gear, and the basics on the bike. You need to consider that as you don't want to be weighing the 250s down with any more stuff than necessary.

    {Oh, and I hope, like Joel, that Wollongong, or at least nearby, is on your intinerary of stops :)}
  18. Thanks for the ideas all. I think I'm right for it all now. Got a few more things - see below - and figure that I've got the basics and that'll do. :)

    I'm also considering heading up to Coffs Harbor for a day or two - and if I feel like it and have enough time, I may head up to Brisbane as well to do something.

    Anyway - preparing:

    Well I just cleaned the chain. About to put some lube on it - ended up buying some spray on stuff called Motoline Chainlube 622 Strong.

    Bike's booked in for an oil and filter change and general service on Wednesday...not doing this myself as I want to watch what he does and next time I'll be able to do it myself.

    I bought a little stool which will fit onto the back of the bike (pillion seat) along with my sleeping bag, mattress and tent. It's this, plus the saddlebags. Not much room but I dont want to be overloaded.

    Also got a Kookaburra 2 litre hydrapack.

    And duct tape...in case the tent rips... or something. ;)

    P.S - I'll try and drop in to see you all - can you please pm me your addresses and phone no's? :grin: Am camping at either Cann River or Mallacoota on the 26th....heading up the Monaro (depending on fires etc) the next day. Should be around your neck of the woods on the 27th or 28th Joel.

    And BTW, this is my first New Years Eve without kiddies in like 16 years!! Mummy's gonna rock!!!

    Rosie :LOL:
  19. U should think about a jerry can as well for petrol not only for yourself but maybe for some poor bugger who happens to run out of fuel.

    I'm up in Sydney for a total of three days. I have 6 t-shirts and 5 pairs of pants.
    I arrived on Sunday night its now monday night and I'm still wearing the same clothes I arrived in. go figure :grin: :LOL:

    punture repair kit, pump or one of those areosol cans that inflate tyres.
    wet weather overalls, different gloves. I had winter gloves for the night, summer gloves for the hot days and another pair of touring gloves when the plastic knuckle guards become uncomfortable. A lighter, antipersperant so you dont sweat so much under the heavy gear, Leathermans/swiss army knife. and toilet paper incase there is none at the rest stops

    Oh also maybe a large shirt you can put over you bikey jacket. I did that so my leather jacket doesnt collect bugs. a bright one maybe.