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2wheelsagain Lay Down Today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. 2:50pm this afternoon.
    I cant believe it. The RF and I parted company.
    I'm really upset with myself but seem to be injury free. Slightly sore right wrist but it will be fine.
    Wasn't hooning. No major speed. Hit a bump in the road just as I was setting up for a slightly off camber (after looing at it) left hander. Locked the rear, released and reapplied and before I knew it I was running out of road. I had been fighting pins and needles in my right hand moments before and was looking forward to getting back to Inverloch for a stretch and coffee.
    Obviously I didn't have as much feeling and front brake as I thought. Fired off the road into some coastal scrub. I've been riding bikes for a long tine and many of operations happen automatically so its a bit hard to mentally go back and check each one off. I'm stumped on why it happened at the moment.

    A couple of young locals pulled up and helped drag the bike out and check it out. She started almost straight away!
    They said the corner caught a lot of riders out. They were the ones who pointed out the bump. It all made a bit of sense then.
    Smashed fairings, headlight, screen frame and mirrors (so far).
    I was able to ride it the 160k home and it still feels straight. Made it home just on dark. My mate on his Road King rode shotgun all the way.

    Like I said I'm ok and happy to still be able to get on a plane in a couple of weeks. Mrs 2wheelsgain is upset but she has only seen the photos. I guess I'll start pulling bits off and see if I can get parts when in the US. If any NR knows of RF fairings in Oz please let me know but they're pretty rare and I don't like my chances. We picked up all the bits and put them in the Kings saddle bags (they do come in handy)

    So if you're riding the coast between Inverloch and Wonthaggi and you see a RH mirror near a bend, Its mine. Found the left but the right had absconded.

  2. Bad news mate but you're ok which is whats important.
  3. So glad to hear your ok mate! Sorry to see the damage, and hope you get it all fixed up again soon enough.
  4. Don't they always look so SAD when they've been crashed???

    Good to hear you're ok, that's the main thing :wink:.
  5. Bugger

    But glad to hear you're fine
  6. I know the bump you speak of. Heading towards INverloch from Cape Pat? Have had a few 'ooh' moments with it in the past. Thinking now that I definitely should've posted something up about it in the hazards forum and perhaps you'd have read it and not be sitting here typing this today. I'm a bit hazy on which part of the rd it's at (been a while since I did it) and I could guess, but perhaps it's best if you put something in the hazards thread?

    Am curious as to why you braked/locked the rear.

    I will contact the Bass Coast Shire about it tomorrow morning and tell them it's high time they get their arses out there and fix it up.

    Glad to hear you're okay. And apologies for not posting up about it.
  7. Aw bugger 2Wheels :cry:

    Really glad that you still managed to get her home, albeit in bits and pieces.

    Hope you don't wake up too sore :cry:
  8. Thats no good to hear RF. Not a good thing to happen when you're so far from home. Glad you're ok and could ride the beast back home.
  9. suspension setup inadequate, causing rear to break contact/skip over rough surface -> panic braking -> oh shit.

    too hot for off-camber corner, realise too late, stand on rears because they feel safer mid turn (when you feel you have to use 'em), back locks, grab front -> stands bike up -> hello paddock.

    thats what i reckon anyway, but only because i have done similar myself, and witnessed it countless times by experienced riders and noobs alike :)
  10. Hi all and thanks for you kind words.
    Not your fault Rosie. I'll have a look at the road in google earth tomorrow and try to pin point exactly where it is but it was just Wontaggi side of ??? nest carpark. I think you know where it is. I'll update the hazard thread tomorrow when I know where it is. The 2 young blokes (locals) actually said "you hit the bump" so they knew about it and now I do.
    Now the rear brake issue: I was only attempting to settle the bike before tipping in (slow in fast out etc) and on roads I dont know I tend to drag the rear until I know whats around the corner then open up again. Not a lot but a security thing. I dont think I was going fast enough to require a handfull of front. Anyway the bump unsettled the bike so I got off the brakes and reapplied.
    Like I said above, we do things automatically and its hard to say I did this then this etc. Obviously I did something wrong and I'll cop that. I'm just not exactly sure what happened. I do know that there was no way I was going to the US with skin off so I rode it all the way in and only parting company after hitting the tree :LOL:
    I wasnt riding hot. I was with a Road King FFS.
    Not looking forward to opening the garage in the morning.
    #1 Son and I have just about talked his mother into letting him get a bike so when she finds out that will be the end of that and I feel bad for him.
    Anyway my helmet gear worked. I just dont know if I can get bits in Aust. Have to have a think over the next couple of weeks how much will be to much to spend on repairs (3rd party ins only thinking I might hit a Merc or somehing)


    P.S. Road Kings take a looooooong time to stop!
  11. Probably not to far wrong Joel....................
    I like a firm rear (who doesnt? :wink: ) but it does make them flighty.
    I walked/rode away. Gotta be happy with that :)
  12. Bugger dude, that sucks! I am stoked you're ok though. :grin:

    I was hoping to ride that road again soon (been a while). If a google earth/maps location could be made available that would be great. :)
  13. crap!
    that's a sad looking bike!
    glad you're ok though - bikes can be fixed easier than people can.
  14. oh glad to hear you came out of it with only minor injuries.....the bike on the other hand doesn't look quite as well off......hope you can find some s/h fairing for it
  15. Glad that you're ok 2wheels, sad about the bike though.
    On positive note you're ok and the bikes repairable

    If you cant find fairing pieces, how do these bikes look naked?

    RF900 streetfighter - just a thought
  16. Arrgghh! Another one!

    Glad you're relatively okay.

    Hope you're out and about soon.
  17. That's not good to hear 2wheels.
    Glad you're OK....maybe this can be an excuse to get another bike? :p
  18. For those who are wondering where the deed happened I think it was here.
    It looks fine on the map and maybe it was not my lucky day and 1000 things conspired against me.
    Maybe I just made a mistake! I don't know.

    I'll post some detail in the hazards thread too.


    (another single vehicle stat :oops: )
  19. Glad to hear that your ok mate and nice idea to let people know where it was :cool: and I hope ya bike is ok
  20. I reckon they would go naked ok but it's not the naked I'd want. Its a numbered, Suzuki certificated limited edition and that's why I'm upset about the whole thing. Its never going to be the same.
    But if fairings are not available I might not have a choice.
    I guess any bike is better than no bike. :)