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2up suspension worries

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Drew, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Tried going 2 up last night for the first time. Was all good bar 2 points.....

    1 - bike seems a bit light at the front with Mrs on the back

    2 - front wheel gets all wobbly when pulling up to stop doinga mild/slow version of a tank slapper. Very unsettling at traffic lights.. and ends up with bike pointing not where i wanted it

    other than that everything went ok.

    I set the bike up with the recommended 2 up setttings from other GSX14 riders.

    which setting change would be most likey to be needed to fix these problems? There are so many to choose from.

    The GSX has fully adjustable every thing,, front and read preload, dampen and rebound

    I was thinking more rear preload as the bump absorbsion seem fine...but could be entirely up the wrong tree.

    and i have no ideas at all for the front.

    if i do add preload to the pack should i lessen some off the front? would this make it more stable under brakes/slow manouvers

    Any suspension gurus with some sage advice?
  2. imo let the suspension settle down it's brand new...once it's settled it will feel different.

    Also are you sure it's not that your just not used to the bike and pillioning?
  3. Rear preload up.

    I'm surprised the 14 even *notices* a pillion. Weird.
  4. It may sound stupid but have you checked your tyre pressure :wink:
  5. tyre pressure is fine.

    and it appears rear preload is almost at max anyway.

    if i dropped the preload at the front, would that help settle the wobbles a bit?

    part of the problem probably just is me not being used to bikes with pillions..but the front wobble is tad unnerving.

    Loz....only the suspesion noticed...no change at all in the engine revs needed for riding. still pulled away like a train at idle speeds.
  6. drew get more then 100km under your belt on the bike before you bother about suspension.....
  7. Easy solution,

    Buy the biatch her own bike........

    Only, kidding hunny, You know I love you, right? yes?

  8. Do you mean that it is weaving from side to side?

    You possibly have tight steering head races.

    You could try reducing the front preload.

    You could also try dropping the front end - lifting the forks up in the steering stems. Try to achieve a similar frame geometry loaded as when unloaded (pillion-wise, of course!)

    You might need someone else measuring while you sit on by yourself, then with your passenger.

    As a rough guide, check the height of the fork yokes and the back number plate under both conditions. Then try adjustments which bring you back to those positions with a passenger.

    To check steering head bearings get the front wheel in the air (not by doing a mono!). From the straight ahead position the forks should drop readily to either side. If they move slowly or not at all by themselves you have tight bearings.


    Trevor G
  9. worked it out.

    had way to much preload on the front.

    softened it up and no is a lot nicer under brakes.

    basically i think i had it too tight and it couldn't dip as bikes do under brakes so the side to side was caused. now just a very minor woble,, but i know what i'm doing with that bit now at least.

    thanks all for the advice!