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2t 4WD v a 144kg motorbike

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by presti, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. Okay. This i never thought would happen, was not a good day to happen either i had a shit arse day at work.

    Anyway - was turning left from Canterbury rd to Wantirna rd about 10 car lengths behind a 4WD (he slowed down to around 20kph and then accelerated and i was doing around 40kph) turned the corner then caught upto him. He was sitting in the far right hand side of the lane, the road is a double lane wide but hasn't got marking, but people pass because there is so much room. I went to pass him on the inside because he was going slow and then he came flying over to the left hand side, so i looked up and there he was looking over his sholder at me smiling.

    I thought "okay its not worth risking, ill sit behind him until it goes to 2 dedicated lanes and pass him in the other lane." This was unusual for me as im quiet a hot head, but i knew i was low on fuel so i didn't want to rocket up the inside and run out. So i slowed down and backed right off, he slowed down and was just holding the brakes so his tail lights were always on. Finally the time came where the 2 lanes became lined and he went right so i went left and then (again) he came flying over to the left so i went right and got up next to the cabin and looked at him (probobly my first mistake) he then looked at me and swerved into my lane and out again, so i grabbed throttle and off i went down the road.

    Came to the set of lights cnr Wantirna and Boronia rd, sat in the right hand lane to rip a u-turn to the servo. He came in behind me with high beams and those spot lights (on the roo bar) on, was reflecting me right in the mirrors. We went to do a u-turn and all i could hear was his piece of shit heavy on the clutch reving to scare me. I pulled into the servo and thought he had pissed off, no he had parked it and came over to me at the pump. I scampered to get my helmate off incase he got nasty with me, as soon as i did he was right in my face yelling:
    Him: "you ****ing ********, your going to get yourself killed. Stop acting like a ****ing race driver and flying around the ****ing streets"
    Me: "Coming from the bloke who swerved twice to cut me off then tried running me out of my lane, ********"
    Him: "**** off mate, *blah blah blah* are you ****ing listening?"
    by this time 2 people (one bloke and one female) came over and the bloke was standing between us. I was not paying attention, had even opened my fuel latch to fill up.
    Me: "sorry mate, i was in my world called 'not giving a shit' can you repeat that?"
    Him: "****ing c*nt, you know what next time i will ****ing run you off the road"
    My top blew (as any motorcyclist would, but cause im a learner i was even more angry)
    So i got right up in his face, he was almost a foot taller than me but that hasn't ever stopped me making a point. The attendent came out and said he would call the police, i said "please do, this **** wont **** off and im not leaving here anytime soon"
    He then turned off and started walking away, i kept running my mouth and he had parked in the joint next door so i couldn't even get plates.

    This almost makes me want to hang the boots up for the week, but im not going to let some ****whit with half a braincell stop me from riding. I havn't been that scared on the road for a very very long time.

    I've since cooled down, but still gets me angry every time i think about it.
  2. Tough guy.
  3. Damn, I thought this was gunna be a drag race between a two stroke four wheel drive and a bike.

    That woulda been the coolest.
  4. Not a pleasant story mate - especially as I was expecting a race/hero-pass story and it turned all "vein.-poppingly angry" :-s

    Just remember that you always have a choice in how to respond both on the road or off it.

    He's decided to make himself the king of the roads so let him win next time. He has a murder weapon under his right foot - you don't. Just let him go. Pull over to the side get his number plate and report him to the po-po's.

    If some other dipshit has a go at you in a petrol station just point out to them that their car's numberplate or their face is on the station's security camera then walk inside and ask them to call the police.

    Don't get in pissing contest. Doesn't matter how good you are with your fists there is always someone better, or with lots of mates, or just plain lucky.

    End of the day though you got home safe and that's what really matters. I sugest you internalise it and figure out what you could do next time to avoid the confrontation.

    Be safe

    Fun Ha!
  5. yeah thanks. i totally agree. Its always the hardest to decide in that split second when your that angry you want to rip his mirror off and shove it down his throat.

    I wish i got his plates, i can always go back to hte servo and ask for the footage to be taken to the police but somehow i dont think that will lead anywhere.

    Its a lesson learnt, one more 'situation' under the belt. THats it, im here safe and he is still a ****whit ;) hehe

    Thanks man
  6. that's a single lane road and you tried to undertake him... that's why he was pissed of... if it's not marked as two separate lanes it's always a single lane, dose'nt matter how wide it is.

    if a car tried to undertake me there i'd be pissed of too.
    nor, would i ever undertake a car there, i'd overtake them on the right hand side always.
  7. That!!!

    AND you can ride to work tomorrow on your freedom machine!


    Fun Ha!
  8. single lane road where people move left so people can go past, always have. I've riden/driven on the road for years and evertime people pass on it. Even had a cop go past me there.
  9. I'm gonna say it...

    Welcome to motorcycle riding. Won't be the last time that happens.
  10. yes and if they move left you can pass... but as i understand it he did not move left (because he's a prick but that's irrelevant) and you tried to pass him on his left hand side.
    that's bound to get a reaction from a prick in a car.

    the way he sees it, is he owns the space between him and the kerb, because it's technically a single marked lane... he's over to the right because then he knows no-one can get ahead of him in the traffic, because it's illegal to undertake in a single marked lane.. the way he sees it, is you tried to take first place by cheating.

    that's just how it is.. if you try and take them on the left you are riding into a trap, because they will react exactly like he did and swing over to try and claim their space.
    the only way to do it, if you must, is ****ing fast and without giving him any indication you're about to...no hesitation, just bang, through and long gone, before he gets a chance to say "assh---

    problem is that's risky, because if a car is cutting across the road in front of him, it's only allowed enough time to get across before he gets there... it has'nt allowed for the motorbike that just shot out from no-where at warp speed.

    if you overtake him on the right, even on the other side of the road, he can't swing at you there.. that's not part of his space and he knows it... he'll sit right on the dividing line to be a total prick, but he won't try to own beyond that... he can't justify it in his warped cager brain.

    i'm just sayin, you have to know how they think, what they're thinking, and how they react, right or wrong... that's just how it is.
  11. Here in Vic, if a lane is wide enough to be used as two, it can be, but I agree undertaking was a bad move.

    Presti, sounds like you just got a bad driver at a bad time, it happens, don't beat yourself up about it.

    Jealousy is an ugly thing ;)
  12. Ok, its now irrelevent if you were in the right or wrong. You lost you cool, therefore you have a problem. From that point on, till you stopped riding you were angry. That makes for big problems, and good chance of you riding like an idiot because you are angry.

    Lesson 1. You will get idiots on the road regardless of how well you ride, learn to ignore them.
    Lesson 2. If you do get into a situation like that, just ignore the idiot. Its hard to do, but its one of the most valuable lessons you will learn.

    I still get pissed off from time to time, but I do the loopy thing and talk to myself in the helmet and settle myself down. Honestly, you have enough battles on the road without having to deal with your own rage. Its just not worth it.
  13. I agree with some of the previous posts... the guy sounds like he's an irrational prick, but you did the (very) wrong thing by undertaking him.

    You really should have either passed on the right if it was safe and legal-like, or sucked it up and sat behind him.

    Pricks are everywhere, and as you learned today they don't listen to reason.

    Take it easy.

  14. You can partially thank VicRoads and TAC advertising for this mentality towards us riders.
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    I get great comfort from knowing that my gloves are armored and would rearrange his farcking skull in half a second. (I'm turning into an angry man in my old age) ;op
  16. #16 Bluefreak, Jul 26, 2010
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    Unfortunately, I'm getting the same way - the older I get, the less I'm inclined to suffer fools...

    By all means, if I undertake you, get on the horn, call me every f-witt under the sun but have a second swipe at me with your 2t weapon on a dual lane road, continue to chase and intimidate and you will feel as many of my 125kg as I can physically get behind my carbon fibre knuckle armour...
  17. I cna understand how you feel OP, being a new bike rider myself I have coem across countless assholes that want to kill you, but then i rememebr at the end of the day regardless who is "right" a guy in the 4wd will always win when a bike and 4wd come together.
  18. I know that section of road very well, i used to work at the Golf Course there for years.

    I wouldn't consider it dual lane though. Yes, it is wide, and if a vehicle wishes to move over to the left you can pass quite safely. Personally, i think you made a rookie mistake, passing down the left side at road speed. If the moron had of been turning left down a side street and only realised at the last minute, you'd be dead.

    My choice would be to wait for a small gap coming the other way, blast around his right hand side, and give him a death stare as you go through. They usually get the message. (Is it a single unbroken line??? cant remember).

    When you get a bigger bike with no P's on it, you can even get away with a fist shake or if his window is open, give him a mouthfull. Just make sure the ******** never catches you back up at lights etc.

    But, while you are on an underpowered bike, with not a hell of a lot of experience, better to bide your time and wait untill you can get around with no issues.

    Never get into a pissing contest with a prick, you'll loose every time.
  19. I still think the best use for fairings are for storing items such as
    a) a claw hammer
    b) air horn
    c) paint ball gun
  20. That's the only road I've seen someone get pulled over for not keeping left. I had 2 cars in front of me both sitting side by side all the way from Canterbury to Boronia roads. I was (aggresively) trying to find a way through not knowing that the car behind me was a unmarked cop car.. When we got to the top of the hill, all 3 of us turned right and the cop lights came on. I pulled over and the cop car went straight past me and pulled over the lady who sat in the right unmarked and marked lane. I thought that was very funny.