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2stroke Vs 4stroke

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by finky10, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. hey gang,
    as usual, need some advice from those that know. :D

    looking for the first bike, and have had mixed reaction from mates that know (think they know :roll: ) about bikes etc.

    Been told to stay away from strokers (RGV, NSR etc) because they aren't good for first timers (L's)... any thoughts on this?

    any gotcha's on strokers? should I stay away, or are they just as good as getting a 4 stroke (FZR, CBR etc)

    thanks guys.
  2. There was a very recent thread on just this subject. Do a quick search and I'm sure you'll find it.
  3. thanks mipearson....

    that was a bloody fast response too....

    question asked at 12:46... first response 12:47

    you guys dont muck around do you! :)
  4. As with anything there are pros and cons. Pros of a 2 stroke are lighter and more horsepower, cons are it has to do a lot more work given that the piston is firing twice as often as the 4 stroke.

    2 stroke is easier to service yourself, no cam, valves etc but doesn't have the longevity of a 4 stroke, around 15000 km's or so they start to get a bit tired, also not everywhere you can go to get oil for a 2 stroke whereas you can get oil anywhere suitable for a 4 stroke.
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  7. I totally agree with MickDundee.
    I think, all in all, two-strokes are fairly unreliable compared to fours, but they do pack twice the punch & grinpower!
    If you're into loony powerbands & big smiles go for a two-stroke, if you're into reliability and longevity go for a four-stroke.

    I love the smell of burning two-stroke in the morning! :)
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