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2Stroke Oil Light

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Slade, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Ok well here i was out having a lil fang on my bike
    and I noticed the little oil light , was coming on for a brief second between high rpm gear changes.

    I was hoping someone could help to tell me why this may be? , shit oil? something im doing wrong? Or is it just the clutch heating up real quick in between changes....

    I hope someone can help me before I do some damage =D
  2. Guessing by your avatar you are running a RGV VJ21?

    An oil light means that you are low on oil and you need to top up your oil bottle with 2 stroke oil. The oil bottle is in the tail section on the right hand side, to fill it up you take the pillion seat off.

    If it's a different bike you need to tell us a bit more about hte bike you ride etc etc.
  3. thanks mekros, you were spot on mate.
    After I got home lastnight I filled it up, realising it was a little low although didnt know this light was for my 2stroke heh :eek:

    Hope it doesnt mean I ran it dry :( , although as I said it was only coming on for a brief second between gear changes
  4. Automatic 2 stroke mixers YUK, YUK, YUK.

    My 2cents worth, block it off and premix.
  5. mmm, thatd work if I wanted to carry a bottle of tts with me everywhere I go...

    I fill the bike up once or twice a day, kinda makes it hard :|

    why do you recommend to do this?
  6. Better control of the fuel / oil ratio, never having to worry about wether the automatic system is working or full, Better mixing of the fuel and oil
  7. Yeah, cause the automatic systems don't adjust for situations like full revs and no throttle, like premix does...

    For a road bike, the convenience of a well-adjusted and maintained oil mixing system is worth it... and unless you're super-serious about a track bike, i.e. you want the lower weight, it would probably help there, too.

    Cause, ya know, 4 stroke riders worry about their oil pumps failing all the time and the like.
  8. Yer the bike is only used for road use, I cant see me racing.

    I would much prefere to keep the oil feed as it is, alot less hassles assuming it continues to work properly =o

    and yes ive noticed it doesnt adjust, get a nice plume of smoke when the bikes been sitting idling for a while and yah take off, lol :eek:
  9. I'll think you'll find supamodel was being facetious/sarcastic. :)
  10. Errr thanks for that, you've added a wealth of information to the thread NOT.

    But i guess i've never had anything to do with 2 stroke bikes, or outboards and problems with auto lubes in the last 25 odd years of frigging around with engines just because i now ride a 4 stroke :?

    Slade about the old thing of any use in supamodels drivel is
    Like all parts of the bike it does need a litle bit of TLC now and again.

    Oh and YES, if a 4 stroke oil pump fails the engine is in just as much shit as a 2 stroke auto lube failure, and like.
  11. And I've never had anything to do with 2strokes. I've owned premix and *snigger* postmix 2strokes, and I've never seen one shit itself because the oil system just decided to die. Seen two (track bikes, but ALSO ridden on the road) sieze due to high revs and no throttle - one on the road.

    That's assuming the system is properly maintained and adjusted, which goes for *any* mechanical device.

    I added as much to the thread as you did with your "get rid of the postmix rubbish cause it's crap".
    Guess you could use that to get off your high horse.

  12. Hmm actualy i said "yuck, yuck, yuck" and gave my reasons. I did NOT advise that "get rid of the postmix rubbish cause it's crap".

    I'll be around to borrow the ladder when you've finished with it.

    But this is now adding nothing to the information, feel free to have the last word.
  13. I'll have the last word, thanks for yah posts earlier, but please keep the dribble to a minimum....
  14. No, I'm just going to add something, actual information, and something to relate to the more general two-stroke and occasional passers-by.

    For those who are reading and don't understand, two-strokes, since they have no sump in the motor as such, get their oil via the fuel (nice, simple stuff).

    Either you can premix the fuel, like a lawn mower, or you can have a metered system, which generally is an oil injection system.

    Pros of the premixing according to Woodsy are:
    The pros of an oil injection system are:
    Consistency of oil isn't a problem so much as delivery what's needed. If you're screaming along at full revs, then shut the throttle on something premixed, and keep it on the overrun... well, you suddenly have stuff-all fuel (and, thus, oil) going in, but the engine still rotating heaps, when it does need heaps of oil.

    There's the convenience factor of having oil delivery... and, unless you're a god at measuring with some nice graduated flasks or something, oil injection is more likely to deliver the right amount of oil. That's kinda why they invented it.

    The whole thing is, this all counts if it's adjusted right, which is my point. If it's checked regularly as part of servicing, and adjusted as need be, then it'll work just fine.

    Oh yeah, and for smoke... RGV's (and some other bikes with postmixers) I've had have really liked the Repsol semi-synth oil, which is lovely and not smokey. Or, at least, it isn't in my experience (using it something with well adjusted oil injection, and in a couple of trail bikes).

    Anyway kids, there's a lesson here, which I'll highlight for easy reading.

    Light comes on? Check what it is. If it's to do with oil... start by filling it up (2 or 4 stroke).
  15. ok answering ur actual question. the oil sensor is located at the front of the 2 stroke oil tank. When u acclarate quickly sudden g forces push the oil to the tail end of the tank and the sensor reads empty. When u stop acclerating the oil is more or lesss level in the 2 stroke reservoiur and reads normal.

    Happy seazuers
  16. thanks crutch.

    I kinda figured this after all the posts from the other guys, but cheers for pointing it out.
    I will have to keep an eye on it more in future, i didnt realise I had let it get so low :(