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2nd throttle cable, what for.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by VBman, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. Just wondering what the 2nd throttle cable on the carby is for, its got the main one that moves when u turn the handlegrip, but theres also another one on the other side that gets pulled while the first one is pulling, sorta like a kick down cable on a car,.

    I read thats its called a de-celeration cable, But when i pull on it the centre cable just comes all the way like its not connected at the other end is it broken or what is the go?

    Edit: Its a 4cyl 250cc Kawasaki ZXR250a with quad carbies.
  2. Also known as a push-pull throttle.
    You will notice on the carbs that the cables attach at opposite sides of the pivot point.
  3. Cable

    Sounds like the return cable is broken. This cable is used to close the throttle. Most of the time the return spring will do the job, but sometimes you'll need the cable, like if you've cranked it wide open the airflow through the carbs may keep the throttle open. Could be a problem, get it replaced.
  4. Thanks yeah sometimes when i rev it, it stays up, about 6000 rpm, and i have to give it a few more little revs to make it come down,

    I'll definitely fix/replace it asap.
  5. The other cable shuts the throttle. Fix it.
  6. Tried to get one today, same old story cant get it cos its an import, grrr.

    I've contacted the local pushbike store the bloke reckons he can probably make a new core if i take it down with the 2 broken pieces, so i'll do that i think.
  7. Dont worry im not riding the bike anyway. Not till everything is fixed.

    Im pissed i got a cable today and now the throttle wont snap back, it closes if you close it, but wont spring back. If i take the de-celerator cable out it works fine, any ideas?
  8. Not familiar with your bike, but look for:

    1. Cable giude or clamp too tight on carbies
    2. Return spring missing or broken
    3. Are the cables lubricated
    4. Have a look at the throttle and grip assy on the h/bars

    All I can think of for now....... :)

    You have PM
  9. Cables can be made to order just take the old cable cover and cable into a bike shop and get them to make you a new one takes about 10min the slip a new cable in a solder on the end nobs EASY no grey import part needed ...
  10. I will add one Kink in cable or badly routed cable can cause slow returns or sticky throttle ...
  11. I got a 2nd hand decel cable from the wreckers.
    Ive established that the problem (And perhaps why the last cable snapped) is in the handlegrip assy,

    When i take both cables off they both move freely. When i have them both on the carby and someone gently takes the slack of the decel cable, then pull the decel cable it works fine and snaps back fine.

    Ive checked and they are definitely taking the right routing.

    But when you put them both in the handlegrip and take the slack off them at the other end, its very tight.

    So what could be the problem in the hanglegrip? Is something worn? Should there be lube in there? Doubtful since there's electronics for the starter in there. Should i try a new handgrip part? At the moment ive got it with no decel cable and its working fine. Not riding on the road like this, but it starts and revs fine without it.
  12. Are the cables adjusted correctly?

    Are you pinching one of the cables when you put the throttle tube shroud back on?
  13. I mucked around with the adjustment for ages and it didnt seem to make any difference, I'm almost certain that yes, its getting pinched inside the handlegrip, but how can i fix it, ive had it off and on at least 10 times now u would think it would have worked at least 1 time if it was just my method
  14. VBman did you end up fixing it? I'm having the exact same problem on my gpx250.

    I was stoked the other day when I thought I'd fixed it, but then I realised that the 2nd cable had just come off :(
  15. Ummm..

    Off the record, i have just left it off, havent noticed much problems except its a bit suss when upshiting w/o clutch.

    On the record, i havent found the parts to fix it yet and havent ridden it since :p
  16. thread resurrection...............

    try putting a straight edge along the bare handlebar without the throttle tube on it, I spent 4 hours arseing around with a CBR250RR once and finally found all the sticky throttle grief was cause by a deflection of less than 2mm along the length of the bar.
  17. You are supposed to lube the throttle tube before fitting it. Give it a try.