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2nd Opinions? Learner 250-500's?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Dannysmithlift, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Hiya Guys,
    So a little backstory first, I'm on my learners, I currently ride a Laro-VRetro, I've put 3000k's on it and I ride it pretty confidently. At the end of the day, it's fun, but I need to get rid of it, the maintenance issues are becoming a headache and it can only get worse from here. As this bike has currently lost about half it's value I'm guessing, I've lost about 1500 out of my budget, so all up my limit for a new bike is around 4000, give or take a few hundred.
    I was digging through Bikesales last night and I saw quite a few bikes that could be potentially work out for me. If any of you guys with any authority on any of these bikes could give me any advice regarding any of them, I would be seriously grateful, as this is just one big headache.
    The bikes I shortlisted are;
    - CBR250RR
    - CBR250R
    - CB250
    - GS500F
    - GS500
    - GSF250
    - CBF250
    - VTR250
    - VT250 Spada
    - NSR150
    - GSX250
    I'm not bothered by age really, I'm not too bothered about the ODO either unless it's over 50K. I need a bike that's reliable, I'd prefer fairing with tighter handlebars as predominantly my riding involves cutting through gridlock and I want to be able to ride track days eventually. I'm also 18, 6 foot 2, I weigh 75kg and I can handle a big bike.
    Does anyone have any advice to give me? Any warnings?
    I'm particularly interested in the NSR150, I hear they're 2 stroke learner legal crazy bikes, but they don't seem too prolific which makes me think there's a downside to them.
    Also, final question, there's a VTR250 with 90,000 k's on the clock, but apparently it got a new engine at 80,000 k's. It's a good price (3500) and it's got an akrapovic exhaust thrown in, but it seems a bit suspect, because I don't know about the new engine or any other components. Any advice?

    Cheers, thanks to anyone in advance who can answer any of my questions.
  2. While the NSR may be a good bike, it is certainly not a 'crazy learner legal bike'... They are getting on in age and the likely hood of needing rebuilds etc etc only increases with track work.

    TBH if you are interested in getting into trackdays and future supersports then I'd pick the CBR250RR. The R's really aren't worth bothering with as the RR's are more plentiful, newer and overall better setup. You should easily be able to find a good one for under 4k. However as there age increases so does the percentage of lemons. Have whatever you decide on thoroughly checked out by someone who knows bikes well.

    All the other bikes listed would be terrific learner bikes however all have short comings when it comes to the track.

    The only other learner legal bike that I'd pick over the CBR for track duties would be an RVF400 but you'd be VERY lucky to find a decent one for 4k as there is a huge demand for these.

    But in the end a well set up CBR250 will be a huge amount of fun on the track. They also have a very good record when it comes to reliability if they are looked after and maintained properly. So, see previous advice about having any potential purchase checked over.
  3. I'd pick up a decent gs500/gs500f - they are virtually bullet proof, and make commuting a dream, and look for a reairable writeoff as a trackie. The Suzie will do ok on the track
  4. Guys - when did he ever say that he wanted to do track days?

    On the VTR250 - If the engine and frame numbers don't match up then you will know that the engine (or possibly frame) has been replaced - but you have no real way of knowing what kind of condition the replacement engine is in without a tear down.

    Plus one on the GS500, if you can find one in reasonable condition within your price range jump on it.
  5. a CBR250RR that has been well cared for will do more then 50 thousand easy. most have been around the clock at least once anyway. Dont trust odometers on most lams bike, the lams market has been ruined by shady dealers who weld together franken bikes and clock them to 15,000 and slap on some fresh fairings. Most learners dont know any better and lap them up for retarded prices. (sumoto...)

    Pretty much, find a bike you like, take it too a mechanic and get it looked over.
    I would highly recommend the CBR250RR if you can stand the comfort levels, i couldnet so i went for a hornet 250, same engine and power figures, they ride great too. You can pick up a good one for 3000-4000.
  6. At the part where he says "and I want to be able to ride track days eventually"

  7. oh >.<
    google chrome find function fail.
  8. I sugested the rs125 to you before i know its not on your list but its a lot more capable and better bike than the nsr, i will sugest it again if your after a 2 stroke.
    The cbr250rr is a great little bike too and that would be the other bike i would go for.
    the vtr is also a great bike, anything else on your list i wouldnt want to punt around a track im not saying its not possible though.
  9. Wow, I never expected such a quick response, seriously, thanks guys. I'd be more inclined to the GS500F if it wasn't for the price tag, same for the RS125. As it stands the general vibes I'm getting point me towards the CBR and VTR, so I'll focus my efforts there, see if I can snatch a bargain.
    Cheers guys.
  10. Rs125s go for $3k for older ones. Which are the faster ones.

    Would say that is cheap and the only track bike really.
  11. I would buy a DRZ-400sm for these purposes.
  12. what does it matter? But maybe 2 in a row it may be there in all that sea of texts. Quality posts, not quantity.:cheeky:
  13. +1...
  14. So I ended up getting a CBR250RR... deadset, that little bike is insane. So amazed, it's so solid, refined and smooth. And so fast! It'll probably get me into trouble but anyway, thanks everyone for your advice and suggestions, I really appreciate the help.