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2nd November Charity Ride Accident. (vic)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by markwearspants, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Hello.

    yesterday (2nd November) there was a big charity ride from melbourne to the northern country side. not sure exactly where. My uncle was on that ride. He came off pretty hard and was flown to the Alfred and now in Heidelberg hospital in an induced coma. I am posting here because I would like to know if anybody here was on that ride. We don't know how he came off or if anybody else was injured.

    I have ridden with my uncle before. He is the safest rider I know, always in full leathers and obeying the speed. If anybody has any info on what happened where he crash please PM me or post a comment. MODERATORS I am sorry if this is in the wrong section or even allowed to be posted. but as a full time student and a night shift laborer it is hard for me to get any info.

    I don't know what it is but I really need to know if he was hit or what happened

    Thank you
  2. That is bad news, hope he is OK. Probably the Snowy Ride which kicks off this weekend. All the best hopefully you can get some more information from riders heading up.
  3. Sorry to hear mate. I was on the Snowy ride and it's a great event. I heard about a bad accident that someone had coming from Melbourne. I heard they were staying in the 'Berntis Mountain Inn' as was talking to the manager from there and said a large group didn't make it.
    Hope he recovers well.
  4. thank you vogstar

    at the moment he is at the Austin in Heidelberg in ICU. We won't know much until the swelling goes down but he has broken his neck in a couple places and has been in surgery to have "fusion" done on his spinal cord. not a bloody scratch on him. we're all hoping for a positive outcome but won't know the result for a few days
  5. Fusion is a good sign mate, hopefully it just means the bones are a bit stuffed but the spinal cord itself is intact and they're trying to stop the bones shifting against each other. Being in a hurry to get it done suggests they want to protect the spinal cord, which hopefully means it's intact but as you say they won't know for a few days. Fingers crossed, hope he's OK.

    Did you ever find out what actually happened?
  6. thank you for your kind words.
    from what I've heard he hit a pot hole. but then I have been told he hit the wheel of another rider. I know my uncle though, he always stressed to keep a safe distance and ride in the opposite side of the lane from the rider in front if you (safely) to avoid collision if you have to brake suddenly.

    although it really doesn't matter in the end, I'm hoping I can get some info on exactly what happened
  7. sorry to hear that mate, hope he turns out ok. My brother broke his back in multiple places and walked out of hospital a couple of days later of his own accord... not saying i recommend that tactic, but hopefully your Uncle is able to do the same :)

    on the info front, people may be hesitent to post details but maybe if anyone knows anything they could PM you and talk offline?
  8. Hi guys

    I would like to thank everybody for their kind words. We have just found out what happened on the ride and unfortunately it was just one of those things that couldn't be avoided.

    with summer coming up would just like to remind everybody to take care on the roads. Invest in some good, high quality gear. cheap gear is cheap for a reason. There are some really good affordable spine protectors out there and although it might seem like a pain to put have to put it on all the time it will be well worth it. look after yourselves and each other