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2nd hand ZZR250 Questions

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Beefcake, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    I just got my L's this week after years of putting it off. Today I put a deposit on a '93 Model ZZR250 (brought off an older mate). Bike has been rebuilt and looks the goods. All up, bike has 34,000 on ODO, but new motor has 10,000 on it (old motor dropped big end bearing because first owner had it going flat out for ages between Melbourne and Geelong).

    I just have a couple of questions about this bike.

    1. I have heard from a few sources that the ZZR/GPX motor is notorious for knocking when first started/cold because of the crank roller bearing, is this true? I did notice it when I started the ZZR today (first start for days).

    2. Once warmed up, at idle you can hear a tappet noise, but when the motor is revved this noise goes. I have also heard that this is typical of the Twin cam ZZR/GPX motors, again is this true? or should I be worried by the sound?

    3. My mate serviced this bike regularly himself including relacing the oil every 2000-3000 kms. I am going to get this serviced at a bike shop, so how often should I get it serviced?

    Any comments/inputs would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks people.
  2. Congratulations on getting your L's!

    I also bought a ZZR-250 for my first bike, you'll find that they are a good bike to learn on.

    With regards to your questions, my bike also has a knocking noise when first started & also a minor noise when idling.

    I haven't had my bike serviced as yet but I would say definately no more than 5000kms between services.

    Hope that helps you out.
  3. If you look in the owners manual there is a rough guide as to what checks to do when :)
    Alot of the things can be done by you. There are only a few you might want to send to the workshop for.
  4. Whattup Beefcake, yeah my gpx (34,000 kays) also knocks sometimes when its cold, especially if it doesnt have enough choke and the revs die down. It then seems to knock then stall. Mine also has a bit of tappet noise when idling and under part throttle (though it is at Brighton Kawasaki having the valve clearances done now- sounded a bit loose). Yeah i think a few noises here and there from these things is pretty standard.. For servicing its pretty easy, oil change at most every 4000 kays or so and filter change every second time. And every second service i think is supposed to be a major, where they check valve clearances and carb sync and stuff. If you wanted to save a bit of money you could do the minor services yourself and let the shop do the major ones, guess it just depends on how good u are with a spanner (they're pretty easy tho). If you have a look on the net u might be able to download a workshop manual which will make things much easier...
  5. yea i have a gpx250 22,000kms and yea it knocks a little when cold but as most people say change your oil and filter at least every 5000kms check your tyre pressures and chain tension also dont forget to clean and lube your chain at least every 500kms i do mine on every tank so about 350kms

    anyways have fun on your baby
  6. i have the same noises i think it's just a zzr/gpx thing, i wouldn't be to alarmed.
  7. Is that the same for the ZZR600 ???
  8. The noise I mean ?
  9. i have a zzr 600 and it sound the same so it must be the zzr thing
  10. Hmm having owned 2 ZZR600 I do have to say they are a quiet motor... unlike the smaller twin which is noisy out of the factory... when were the valve clearances checked?? What sort of condition is the cam chain in?? (or basicaly how many Km on the clock and how old is the bike??)