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2nd hand vs new

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Zaphod, May 15, 2007.

  1. Hi to all,

    This topic has probably been done to death but.....

    2003 ZX-6R with ventura rack, tank bag for $10k


    2007 ER-6F brand new for $11,900 (local dealer).

    with the ER-6F I'd still need the rack / bags so add more $$ to the price but it's brand new - not buying someone's problems....

    ZX-6R is pretty bulletproof from what I've been told tho....unlikely to have any major problems.

    I realise they are 2 different styles (Supersports vs Sports) but I love both!

    My budget is $15k including safety gear - helmet, jacket, boots, gloves, pants - I'd also like to get a set of leathers and a one piece rain suit - and would get these before buying the bike.

    Any suggestions?

  2. If your buying all the gear as well does this mean this is your first bike? Or are you coming back to motorcycles after a long absence?
  3. Have a good think about the type of riding you'll be doing, I think that will greatly ease the decision making process.
  4. buy 2nd zx6r and resell if you don't like it :grin:
  5. Sorry - my riding has all been on trail bikes on farms and a motorcross bike in the bush - so all off road and a number of years ago.

    So looking for a road bike for general commuting and fun on weekends driving through the mountains along with the odd long ride to Brisbane from Sydney. I'd like to have a go on a track at some point too :grin:

  6. You are in BIG trouble, Zaphod. I have at least 100 HHGTTG quotes lined up for you, so break out your Peril Sensitive Sunglasses and get ready! :rofl:
  7. As you said, just under 12k is the rrp for er6f, but I'd guess you could do alot better than that! 10 and a bit, especially if you're getting a rack and bag as well.

    I was planning on going er6f (fun, excellent for commuting, easy to ride, fuel efficient, unique looks, etc) but I'm going for 6r when the time is right for the inline 4 'where did that bike just go?' factor, and I dislike the upright riding position.
  8. I had a day on a er6f and ok its not an inline 4 but there is no comparisom with a zx6 especially if u want to do the odd track day and scratchin through the hills you will be bored shitless with a er6f with in 6 months :grin:
  9. I think you'll be much much happier with the zx6r. If its in good condition, well looked after then you save heaps on depreciation and get a perfectly good bike. And like abvc said if you end up selling it you won't lose much.

    If you like to do long distances, twisties and track then i'm afraid you may end up being disappointed with the er6f.

    (Note-i have no experience with the zx6r and er6f :oops: However i went from 250cc to z750 and am happy. Put it this way I think the z750 is higher spec than the er6f? and after 5000km i'm eagerly waiting to upgrade the suspension)
  10. You really need to test ride each before you can form an opinion of them, they're vastly different bikes.

    Choose whichever suits you best.

    I'd have the er6 over the zx6 as a commuter, but the zx6 over the er6 for sports riding.
  11. Thanks for the input people.

    I'm thinking seriously along the lines of the ZX-6R second hand as I do have the option to resell later plus less depreciation. While these are financial reasons, not riding reasons, I've decided it really depends on what I want vs what I need.

    And I WANT the ZX-6R more than the ER-6F - simple as that! No point trying to justify it with "this bike will do this, that bike will do that", "this is better", "thats better" - I've now ridden both and the buying choice is now simple - I WANT a ZX.

    And something to remove this smile I've had since I got off it.

    Oh - Bring on the HHGTTG quotes!
  12. You should really shop around, because for $15k you should be able to get a new ZX6 and just about all of the gear you mentioned, and the new one is waaaaay better than the old one from all reports. :wink:
  13. next years models i always way way way way way better than last
  14. I agree Zbike - I'm going to save some $$ and go with a used bike to start with. Put the extra dollars away then when the time or opportunity is right then I may get the latest / greatest.

    In the meantime I get used to driving on a road surface and on road conditions (only time I've been knocked off a bike was by a cow). All going well (and I sure it will) I might upgrade in the future and give my bike to my son.

    Thanks for all the input.
  15. make sure that you buy your gear from the same place that you get your bike... (if its not private sale) so you get a better discount!
  16. Zaphod?? He's just zis guy, you know?? :LOL: :LOL:
  17. I've done both. bought new and second hand. with the new bike i lost $5000 when i sold it 2 years later. with the second hand bike i picked up a 9 year old bike that was $18000 brand new for $9500 with only 23000klms, new tyres, new chain, new sproket, yoshi exhaust etc. My point is if you search for a good second hand bike you will save yourself heaps of $$$ and wont loose big if you decide to resell it 12 months down the track.
  18. Just to show there are some more oldies out there'''

    "I'm so cool you could keep a side of beef in me for weeks.." :cool: