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2nd hand SV650S

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by crazynate, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Hey guys.

    Had a look at a yellow curvy 650s today. Salesman started it up and I almost got a fat due to the thumping from the Yoshi RS3 pipe. Beautiful.

    Now I am looking all over this bike, it looks really well kept with no noticeable engine noise or flat spots, no paint damage or repairs from my examination but i could be wrong. So I ask the price.. $5900, ok I think thats pretty good. I then glanced down at the speedo and it says 79,000km!!

    I was pretty taken back, it seems a lot of km's but in reality its at least 7 - 9 years old.

    I forgot to ask about the service history and have not test ridden it as the money is not in the bank just yet.

    So I guess my questions for the masses is "how many Km's is too many and how many Km's could a 650 engine do?",
    "what maintenance issues and wear and tear do i need to look out for?",
    "what price do you think is reasonable to offer on this bike?"

    This is all just speculation at the moment. My intention some months back was to spend about 8 - 10k on bike and gear but that has been revised down to about 8k max including gear, insurance etc.

    I forgot to mention this will be my first bike, well maybe not this one but you get my drift.

    Any thoughts and opinions.

    Sorry for rambling.

  2. the how many kms does an engine do to be rooted has been asked a million times. Use the search function ;)
    Service history
    Kms travelled peryear
    the usual glitches that apear after 75000kms all apply but in all reality it's close to 10000kms a year so normal.
    Engine will last for quite a long long time before you have to do anything to it.
    also you can't check for flat spots unless you actually ride it.
  3. maybe he means it looks nice and curvy? :LOL:
  4. I've done about 20k kms on my blue curvy in the last 8 months, I'm probably going to end up keeping it, and since I service it religiously it would easy get near 200k kms.

    Don't let the kms phase you, its the condition that is far more important - a 70k km bike thats been well looked after is far better than a 35k km bike that has been neglected. But of course, you wouldn't pay 6 grand for that bike with those kms, more like 5000 from a dealer, try to get them to throw some gear in or at least gear at cost price.
  5. I had a 650 V-Strom a few years ago and the (same) engines are excellent. I agree....IF it's been looked after I wouldn't be put off by the km's. BUT the service history is essential.
    I'd rather a high km, well looked after bike than one that's done only a few thousand on the back wheel.

    I reckon it's pretty expensive though. Remember if you buy privately at least you get an idea who's been riding it and 'generally' the type of riding that's been done.

    Reckon it sounds like a $4k bike to me. Having said that, they are a sweet bike, and if you like it then a grand or two is irrelevent IMHO.

    p.s I've never met an unhappy SV owner yet.
  6. If it has been well looked after, 79,000km is no big deal on the engine. However, the rear shock would be pretty much stuffed if stock and forks will probably need some work.