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2nd hand Sv650s - which model or new Hyosung GT650s?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ojay, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Hiya,

    obviously I want max value for my dollar.

    I like the Hyosung but I'm not sure about the value of a new bike over a well looked after 2nd hander - keep swinging back to an SV, but what year (are there any major differences and is fuel injection worth aiming for if I can find a 03)?

    And how much?

    I'm trying to keep it simple (I've just got hard for an ER6-n so it's taking some discipline ;)


  2. I vote for second hand sv.
    Will hold it's value better in the long term, plus established brand etc etc (commence flaming from hyo owners!)
    try www.redbook.com.au for a rough idea of prices, as well as the usual suspects bikepoint/sales.

    Not sure about the injection v carby issue- but the 03's look better imho, alot of peeps seem to prefer the earlier curvy lines though.
    happy shopping :grin:
  3. I just bought a 2nd hand sv650s 2001 model a few months back - paid 7.5k for it -and its probably the best buy i've ever gotten in my life...I feel comfortable on it, its a great bike and does what I want it to do - and even some stuff that I didnt think it could do - but dont know anything about fuel injection (am a bit of a blond when it comes to technical stuff) so maybe someone else could help you out with that... :oops:

    However, when I went overseas a good friend rode my bike as it had been her dream bike for the next purchase - after riding it quite a few kms to work everyday she realised it wasnt the most comfortable bike for her long commute..she's a bit shorter than me and has a tiny frame and for her she's now thinking about the ER6 - or the naked sv650 due to the riding position...but as I'm taller the bike riding position is perfect - I dont have a problem with it...

    My best advice would be just to have a few test rides if you can and see how the bike feels...

    Know that probably not the most useful of advice...but thats all I can suggest.... :)
  4. +1 to most of what's been said above. I know one Hyo owner I spoke to said he wished he'd gone for an SV, but YMMV.

    It's a matter of taste (and budget!) whether you prefer the older tubular section frame or the newer rectangular section one. I do think the fuel injected ones are smoother and more powerful, but it's a relative thing, and the older ones certainly won lots of races.
  5. EFI V Carby:

    EFI: more accurate delivery of Fuel, More economical because of computer controlling.

    Carby: gotta sit for a while and let it warm up before taking off everyday.

    I prefer the 2003+ models, as they have a much better frame construction IMO. Each to there own I guess, but I would love the test ride an SV650s. I test rode a SV650 naked and that was awesome fun! Had a yoshi pipe and it pounded.

    My advice - get an SV.
  6. Ok, thanks - echoing my own feelings on the subject and ultimately for around $7g I figure a pre owned SV is better value at the end of the day.

    There's a 02 for 7 with oggies, a staintune and 12 months reg but it's done 60,000 and there are a couple of 99 models with much lower mileage...

    ...anyone know of a nice 03 model for sale?
  7. I know its not what you asked - but Mick Hone got a 2001 for about 6k...might be worth a look even just to test ride it... :grin:
  8. Thanks Geordie but I think I'll try for an efi model - at least I can play with the mapping at a later date :)
  9. curvy and carbie = old ones up to and including 2002

    pointy and FI = 03+

    For those that are vertically challenged, there have been heaps of people making the seat thinner, or even making longer dog bones to lower the bike.

    From what I know, many people have chosen the SV over the Hyo, I liked the SV more everything it has and the HYo didn't feel as comfy. The ER6n I haven't test ridden but was too upright for me.

    SV Forum
    There is a guy there selling his SV

  10. FI vs carbie.

    It's 50:50. FI doesn't work the best on big twins and the early FI on bikes in general (late 90's thought to early 2000s) was pretty variable in design. They have got it a bit better of late. Whether the first of the SV650 FI was any good I don't know.

    The damping of a carbie suits bikes well and it has taken designers a long time to replicate this in FI.

    The Hyo does make more power on it's carbie and I understand it makes more power again with a pipe and some specific air box mods.

    I would buy the 2003 SV, but I would be doing a lot of research for the last of the old models.

    Financially the Hyo will loose $2-3k, if buying new, after you ride out of the dealer. After that not much, because, jesus, thats a lot of bike for not much money. A second hand SV will have done all the devaluation it is going to do.
  11. ER6 would be a nice bike ...

    But back to the question at hand. I'd say go for the lastest model SV you can find.

    Hyo's are good, I'm happy with mine. But if the SV was restricted (under LAMS in NSW) I'd have one of them in a flash. Also, the Hyo is based very heavily on the earlier SV's, so it's an older bike to start with.

    As for carbs and EFI.
    Carbs are nice beccause you can tune them much easier yourself but if your not 100% on what your doing you can screw it all up.
    EFI is hard to tune yourself, but has a finer resolution so fine tuning is easier.

    A new Hyo is good for the price, but a run out SV (or ER6) would be nicer. Depends on what you like and want to spend.