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2nd hand/new bikes more expensive in NSW

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by evelknievel75, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. as a regular viewer of the bike sales websites i always check out interstate offers as well. for some reason every bike in NSW seems to be anywhere from $500 to $2000 more. Now i know we live in the best state in australia but why is it that NSW residents have to charge more for their bikes?

    Ive been looking and its almost worth booking a flight to QLD or ( heaven forbid, mexico ) Victoria and buying and riding the thing home and re-registering in NSW. I'd still save $800 to $1000 on some bikes i've looked looked at...

    can anyone shed light on this phenomena?
  2. I know exactly what you mean.... In some cases there isn't even a huge difference than buying new!. I just got my Learners and what may seem like an incredibly insane decision bought a new bike but with the 50% investment allowance and a further 20% depreciation over the first year i still end up over a grand cheaper than most of the 5 year old 20,000km plus used bikes......and its NEW!!!.....Lams sucks in nsw, all 2nd hand bikes are at new prices....ah well at least i know my resale is safe!
  3. Think yourselves lucky. At least you don't have to pay the Perth Premium and at least have going interstate as a practical and cost effective option.
  4. I found that same thing when I went looking for my second bike. How is a 5 year old bike only a couple of grand cheaper then a new model? How is it more expensive the smaller it goes then the bigger bikes that have more tech in them as well. Never quite get it. Market demand is all I can put it down to. People are willing to pay so people will charge.
  5. Agreed. I've noticed that there is defintely more available in other states (QLD and VIC) and can only assume that's what drives the prices higher in NSW. :-k hmmmm buying in vic or qld and riding back sounds like a good adventure once I'm off restrictions and in the market for another bike.
  6. +1, I'd say in general there are more bikes for sale in vic and qld, so its more likely to find someone selling their bike at a reasonable price, from the sheer increase in voume.

    Moral of the story.. if you want a bargain, be ready to jump on a plane when a good one comes up ;)
  7. we look after them better in NSW
  8. The cost of living is cheaper in QLD.

    People pay less for shit up there.

    We pay more for shit down here.

    The market is not what things are worth, it is what people will pay. For Sydney -> that's higher.
  9. Yep, hardly anything in NSW and it's all overpriced to buggery:bannanabutt:
    I have seen a dozen or so very nice older 750's and thou's for 2g which makes it all the worse :( (Still on P's)

    There's a shop in Parramata that advertises in all the local papers that they will buy anything and everything, I blame them:furious:
  10. I know, Im contemplating a trip to victoria. Looks like a few bargains there!
  11. its all got to do with the weather
    the bikes in melbourne are all rusted and corroded cause it rains all the time.
    and the paint on the the bikes in brisbane is all faded in blisterd and seats are cracked cause the heat is too intense.
    Sydney bikes are more preserved, now who want to buy my cbr250rrr forum price 8 thou.
  12. cbr250 for 8k!!! you got to be kidding me!!
    surprisingly, i found most of the bigger bikes i was looking at, cheaper in every other state than vic. Some of the models weren't even there in vic :|
  13. I have been planning in my head a roadtrip purchase of my upgrade, plane it down and ride it back

    I'll be a little disappointed if it doesn't end up working out that way, in all honesty