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2nd Hand Learner bike suggestions...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Stewy55, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Been wanting a bike for a while and having now flown the nest and no nagging parents am keen to finally get one! I'm around 100kgs and just over 6" tall and was thinking that maybe a 250cc wasn't going to be the best for me (would be likely to get used on 100kph roads eventually and need to hold 80kph well up Mount Ousley on the F6 and still have some poke incase a semi wants to do something stupid...).

    I want a naked bike so it's not too devastating if I drop it and had at first been thinking of a CBF250 but after reading up on here and other forums I think that is probably going to be too gutless for me. Also reading on the Hyosungs I am put off by them...

    Next I have been thinking of the VTR250, Kawa ER-5 and after reading up on here the Suzuki GS500 looks alright. I have a budget of around $4-5 (would prefer to stay closer to $4k) pending how much I am able to lend. I've already got a decent Shark helmet from car track days and will probably just check out the riding gear at Aldi this week and see if it's any good for just a basic first set for me and then a set of boots (any suggestions here?). This riding gear will be in addition to the budget for my bike though...

    Also any issues to look out for when buying any of the suggested bikes?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. At that budget, the gs500 would be ideal, you should be able to pick one up for that price easily, don't be too stressed if it has done 20,000-30,000ks, these bikes are pretty bullet proof, just look for evidence of maintenance being done, test ride by an experienced rider would help if possible..
  3. Thanks for the feedback, yeah there are a few in my price range and wasn't too fussed with 20,000 odd kms on the clock. Don't really have anyone all that experienced to test ride for me though, the closest would be my friend on his Ps who now has a broken arm and leg from a motorcycle crash! lol

    Will the 500cc still be easier enough for me to learn to maneuver on and pass the MOST for my Ps??
  4. Stewy, The GS500 is a common bike to do the MOST on. It'll be easier for a 6 footer like you than being folded up on a smaller 250 too, but in the end you need to go sit on one and make sure it feels comfortable enough.
  5. Cruiser style isn't for everyone but I used a kawasaki VL250 to learn on. 6 gears made it cruise beautifully and it was light and nimble around town.

    I'm 6"1' and had no issues fitting it. She's longer then a Virago, looks more like a Vulcan Custom.
  6. Yeah not too keen on a Cruiser but if I find I don't like the GS500 or ER-5 might try one out!

    Basically I'm bored of my car and not wanting to sink any more money modding it, so a bike it is instead! I just want the naked so that I can learn to ride competently and not damage an expensive fairing if I drop it! Once I'm on my opens I;ll probably go for a faired sports bike...

    Anyways I think I've found a GS500 locally (all the others so far have been in Syd and not Wollongong, hence why i haven't already done so) so I'll go check it out and see how it feels to me.
  7. I have had both a GPX250 and a GS500 - and the GS500 is a much better bike in every way.
  8. Dude the only bike you should get for learning is the VTR250! It is THE BEST bike. It's what I have, and if it had a bigger engine I'd keep it forever!
  9. Hmmm did my course yesterday and today (passed and got my Ls), one thing I did find though was that the CB250 we did it on felt VERY small for me and squishy to the point that I got cramps in one leg yesterday and then cramps in the other one today, plus I also found the spacing between the foot peg and the gear shifter to be a bit awkward for me with riding boots on. So not sure whether the VTR250 is going to be much different?

    The GS500s extra width though feels alot more comfortable to me and gear shift design also looks better for me...
  10. It doesnt matter what bike you get., as follow the great advice given on these forums to riding safe. Whichever bike you get will become exciting once you learn how to really ride it, use the revs appropriately and keep from falling off. Personally, I had the GS500F as my first bike and that felt a lot better than my neighbours 250 Across. I was getting back into riding after 25 yrs and the GS500 was comfortable to ride long distances as well as when I wanted to give it a twist of the throttle. It was great thru the twisties, went for the annual Snowys ride. Very good value bike. Easy to maintain.
    ride safe..
  11. Having ridden all three bikes, I can strongly say go the GS500. It is not just the larger riding position, but the engine you don't have to rev so hard to get some half decent poke. Ignoring the thrill factor, acceleration is a safety feature as well, particularly when you are standing next to some ******** in a V8 who wants to take you on the lights (these dickheads all seemed to disappear once I got a v-twin bike with a loudish pipe - but I met plenty of them when I road smaller bikes)
  12. Ah I see. In that case the VTR is probably too small for you as it's very similar. It has a seat height of 780mm and I've found it's too small for me at 173cm. Looks like you've decided what you want now :)
  13. This. Especially considering Mr Yoda's experience with helping out noobs at the learner sessions for the last 3 years.

    Well done on getting the Ls. Did you end up with any Aldi gear? I reckon a lot of it is pretty good, despite a few guys on here being critical of it on the basis of price LOL. (too cheap haha!)