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2nd hand engine.....

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by kezza01, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. hey, some of you might remember that i bought a second-hand bike for my son for his birthday.

    the bike i bought - TS185 suzuki trail bike - had an engine that didn't work......

    unfortunately, despite the best efforts of dirtyTRX and co, the engine has been stripped, but it still don't work.

    the options appear to be:

    • a) buy another bike (too expensive)
      b) buy a new engine (maybe possible....)
      c) buy all the parts and rebuild the engine (hmmmmm?)
      d) buy a second-hand WORKING engine.....

    so, i was wondering whether there are any netriders who might be able to help out with option d.....

    know any good sources of second-hand trail bike motors?
  2. Try this guy...........

    He lists replacement conrods ...........
    ( "Suzuki TS185ER 1980 onward,,,,,,,$125.00 ")
    pistons .........
    (Suzuki TS/TF185, 0.50mm o/s,,,,,,,,,$109.00
    Suzuki TS/TF185, 1.00mm o/s,,,,,,,,,$109.00 )

    so may have more bits, he says to call him and he'll probably find it.

    (what is damaged???)

    also, you might be able to fit the next engine size up/down in that frame, looking at the spec sheets (some here http://www.suzukicycles.org/All-Suzuki/all_suzuki_models.html) it's the same as the 250, there was a 200 as well. (would depend on age/model)

    might give you a few more options.
  3. all of it......... :rofl:

    seriously, i have a list of parts requiring replacement a mile long so i reckon its pretty much stuffed.

    thanks for the contact - i'll try him and see what comes of it....