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2nd hand bikes - check your suspension

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by UDLOSE, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys, I just thought i'd let u know my experience, because theres a chance that someone out there could be suffering the same problem.

    I bought my cbr900 off a guy that had taken it to a few track days. I've been struggling with my ridding a bit, i've always felt like something isn't right in the suspension department, but because I'm still learning I have mainly been focusing on myself and tried not to blame the bike.

    I noticed lately that alot of thing have been vibrating lose and i've really noticed that it feels too stiff. So i bite the bullet and bought a service manual went through and set all the adjustments to stock specs. I 95kgs and i ride with a pillion alot so maybe i should tweak it a bit more for the weight later, but i figured resetting it by the book is a good starting point.

    Most of the settings were set to 100% hard or close to it. The guy had obviously stiffened it up heaps for the track, I admit that the bike seemed amazingly stable at very high speed, but it always suffered at low speed. Now it's like a new bike! I cant wait to take it down the OPH tomorrow :D:D:D

    I still need to check my pressures which I haven't done in a while so theres a good chance i'll gain a little more improvement.

    So moral of the story is check that your settings are correct as per the manual because u never know what the previous owner might have done.

    I did write down all the original presets so that when I take it to the track if i find it's not riding so well i've got a setup I can try.

  2. Hey mate,

    I ride a CBR900 too, a 98 model. My advice would be to set everything back to the standard settings, see how that feels and adjust as necessary. To put it simply, if you feel it bottoming out a little over bumps (especially with a pillion) stiffen it up a little, increment by increment, until you find the perfect setting.

    On my bike I have my rear shock pretty stiff as it comes quite soft from the factory. The front forks are a little stiffer than the factory settings which i've found to be an improvement for me.

    The guy either weighed a ton or was riding track the last time he setup the suspension because with everything super stiff on the street you feel every ripple in the road. It's important to check your tyres regurarly too, I check mine once a week or so.

    Hope that helps
  3. Hey thanks robbied. The guy wasn't that heavy so i guess it was set up for the track, he reckons he took it a fair bit.

    I'll give it a run for a few weeks as it is now (factory settings) and see how it goes.

    I'll also check the pressures in the morning.

  4. I took it down the putty today and it was a massive improvement. I feel so much more confident on it now, its like a new bike :grin: I wish i'd checked it ages ago.
  5. mm, a well set-up Fireblade on the Putty Road; sounds like motorcycling heaven to me.....