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2nd hand bike value

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wimoweh, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. Hi all, looking at getting a bike which is a month old. retail price is 15.5 and the seller wants 13. taking out the price the seller would have paid for dealer delivery and stamp duty I can't figure out what it is actually worth and if the price is fair or not. no info on red book as it is a 2012 model. any ideas on whether or not the asking price is reasonable?

  2. Make? Honda, BMW etc hold their value better than Hyo
    Mileage? You can pile on a lot of K's in a month
    Condition? has it been dropped, modified or is it mint?
  3. Mint 1000km
  4. Ask if the rider still has a licence or scared them selves.
    Its not impossible to get 100m down the road, get booked and wheel it back to sell.
  5. But what Bike?

    Details or this thread is dead to me........
  6. Yep. Absolute waste of time unless we know the bike. If it's a new jap bike, may as well buy a new one yourself.

    If it's a Beemer, they have $2000 cash back (I think it's still on), so the bloke can shove it.

    There must be a reason he's selling - find out and **** him.
  7. Oi, champ. Did you even read the original post?

    The bike in question is ONE MONTH OLD.

    Think I speak for everyone when I say this, piss off.
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  8. Also check if its had its last 3 log book services!!!!!
  9. A computer cannot hear you.
  10. Touche Blabbs, got me.
  11. I think he is gone,pity really.
    Fairings interest me-in an odd way.
  12. Who let the bot out? Who? who?
  13. haven't put the make/model keeping in mind the seller may be lurking around
    and yes I will make sure he has the last three log book services even though it hasn't done a thousand k's ;)
  14. It's a bit hard to tell you if it's a good price without the bike's make and model.
    If he sees you asking around about it that's good news for him as it means that someone is interested in buying his bike.
  15. I was looking at a less-than-one-year old bike recently too.. I worked out that once I paid for more rego and transfer duty, it would actually be *cheaper* to purchase a brand new one. When I pointed this out to the seller, he said he'd knock a couple of hundred bucks off.. but really, why would you save a few hundred dollars, and take the risk of buying an unknown bike?

    In your case, I advise the same -- consider the risk of buying a bike, not knowing what's happened to it so far, etc, and weigh that up against just paying a bit extra to purchase a new one with more piece of mind. Also, the resale value will be a tiny bit higher if it's a one-owner bike. And a new bike will have fresh tyres and less bugs on the windshield :)

    Also, consider that if retail price was $15500, then it's almost certainly available for $14000-14500 by haggling.. subtract stamp duty, rego and GST and the actual *bike* is only accounting for $12000 of that price.

    So, if you bought a used bike, it needs to be about $12000 (plus portion of rego), minus however much you think is fair for wear-and-tear and risk of buying an unknown.
  16. Plus stamp duty