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2nd Hand Bike opinions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ol9fingers, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. G'day Forum,

    I'm looking at a '92 xj600s, 55000kms, service history from new until 20000 then nothing until 42000.

    I took these photos of the engine, and i'm wondering what you think.

    There's some pretty heavy oil leakage from the bottom of the engine, and around the spark plug theres some junk. Tyres are ok, paints pretty stuffed. Looks like its been flogged loveless but is being used. I'm thinking all the gaskets are buggered, but i've no claim on being a mechanic.

    Any opinions appreciated.



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  2. Looks about par for the course for an 18 year old air-cooled Jap. Back in the day I'd have considered it to be pristine compared to what I was riding :D.

    The oil underneath doesn't look excessive. Could just be residue from being messy draining the oil at successive changes. At worst it might be a stripped sump plug, in which case it's helicoil time (at worst $100 or so for the kit to do it yourself).

    Crap always builds up in the plug tunnels of this style of bike if they're not cleaned religiously.

    I'm no great fan of Yamaha's smaller fours, but they're reasonably tough. If it were cheap, I'd be inclined to take the chance that the lack of history is a result of home servicing with reasonable oil change intervals.

    Don't kid yourself that it's a basis for a worthwhile project, but as a cheap, expendable hack that won't make you cry if it gets dropped, knocked over or otherwise molested, I'd say it has potential.
  3. If you wanted a little more insurance, I guess asking the owner to give it a quick powerwash somewhere and then take it for a ride would give you a sense of whether and how fast it's leaking... but I think I'm with PatB that what's visible there isn't necessarily a dealbreaker.
  4. Thanks PatB and Bravus for your help.
  5. I got my XR600 helicoiled at the local dealer for about $50 and that included a new sump plug, too. Brilliant thing, those stainless helicoils.

    Anyway I'd agree with the fellows above. Not neccessarily a deal breaker but a good look over will help you decide further, not to mention a test ride if you can.

    Out of interest, whats the asking price?

    Cheers (and welcome aboard!) - boingk