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2nd hand bike interest, help needed

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kransky.dan, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. hey all,
    looked at a redish ZZR250 yesterday and want to know your opinions, the guy wants $2900 but it has a crack in the front from where it was dropped (didnt put the stand down correctly) and a few scratches from where he went down. Apart from that it needs a clutch cable and a possible ignition switch replacement.

    What do u think it would be like for noobie?

  2. ZZR250's are good learner bikes, but it is impossible to tell the condition of any particular bike from an internet post.

    I would strongly suggest that you get a mechanically experienced person to check over the bike before you lay down your $ even if that means paying a bike shop to do it.

    There is nothing worse than buying a bike only to find it needs major engine work 1 month down the track (well maybe finding it's got a stuffed frame from an accident is close).
  3. the guy who is selling it is a machanic......... so he should have looked after it right??...
  4. Or may have done a dodgy job on the bike to get it out of the way. Get a professional opinion or you may end up spending more than you plan to. I know someone that bought a lemon, then he spent a lot of money in it to get it to run. It would have been cheaper just to buy a new bike from the beggining.

    People can be dodgy. Please refer to this post:


    My 2cts.

  5. IMHO never buy a bike without a road worthy. If the dude is reluctant to do that before he sells it to you it might suggest theres something dodgy going on.

    Mechanical check is good too, but road worthy should be ur minimum.
  6. when i was looking i got bikes inspected by a reputable mechanic (also a forum member). Cost me some money each time but the total cost is less that the labour on any service job would be. So i think of it as preventative maintenance.

    And the bike has had no problems at all.

  7. Yea RWC minimum.
    I thought I got a barging for my bike. $3600
    but ended up being $5500

    would have cost more if i didn't do alot of the fixing myself
  8. Iondah/250ninjas-

    In South Oz you don't need a roadworthy to get registration. Not to say that a roadworthiness check by a good spanner man isn't a good idea, but over here there is no official roadworthiness certificate/check as such.

    Which can make things interesting.

    Definitely have a mechanic look at it and at the very least get the repairs needed quoted - then use them to haggle or have the owner fix it before he sells.
  9. just so you know, almost every older 250 will be dropped or have a crack somewhere, they are learners bike, so dont worry about that

    i highly suggest paying some money and getting it inspected by a bnike mechanic, i bought my bike for a good bargain, but then had to spend $750 on it, so its worth the $50 or whatever to get it checked out.
  10. I also got my first bike inspected by a certain member of these forums who most people recommend for inspections, however he managed to miss the so called infamous zxr250c timing chain rattle which apparently means it/tensioner needs replacing.

    The knocking noise I thought was normal was pointed out to me by a few people that it should be replaced asap.
  11. just echoing everybody elses sentiments when i say it would be wise to get it checked by a third party. especially if this is your first bike.
  12. mate, from what you've said, if the mechanic trying to sell it to you doesnt reckon its worth fixing up, it'd have to be pretty bad... i would keep clear of it. as the old saying goes, if something is too good to be true, it probably is. but there is no harm in getting an inspection, especailly if youve got your heart set on it. best of luck with it