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2nd hand bike dilemma...or not...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by JEN5, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. looking at a 89 spada 250 for just under $3000. looks to be in good mechanical order. of course there's the usual wear but it runs well, and nothing seems to sound off or look wrecked. there's 30,000 on the clock...to buy or not to buy?

    give me some advice or words of wisdom.
  2. does it come with a roadworthy? its hard to say yay or nay without seeing it, but the roady is a BIG help. $3k is a good price if it comes with the RWC but you could end up with a money pit if you dont get one with it. other than that, if its fairly quiet (no knocks or rattles etc.) then i'd say your pretty safe. see if you can con someone into having look for you :wink:
  3. thanks for the prompt replies. i assume if it is registered - which the bike is - then that means it has an RWC? will take another look and go over the things i've missed. bike savvy friend will tag along also.
  4. had my bike savvy friend tag along and he pointed out some potential problems- front fork thingy weeping(not too much just slightly), chain may need replacing alittle down the track but saying that nothing sounds out of order and nothings leaking.

    is it advisable to get it inspected by a mechanic. i'm in the sydney area and have read somewhere that people do this before a potential purchase?

  5. I'm also interested in other peoples opinion about this. i'm sure what little money is spent on the inspection, it would save you from getting a JUNKER!