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2nd Gear Banging CT110 (Postie Bike)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by marsh17, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. Hey new to this was hoping to get some help on my bike. Today had to replace the chain tensions but the chain was way past its use by and ended up wrapped around the front sprocket and locked up the back tyre, replaced chain but now in second gear it makes a horrible banging noise (I think it was second gear I was in when it locked up). My guess is it has taken a chunk out of the gear? Anyone with any ideas on what has happened or how to fix it that would be awesome.

  2. Easy to fix, just take the bike and a large bucket full of money to your friendly mechanic.

    In other words, if you have damaged the gearbox which seems very likely, then you have to remove the motor, take off the head and barrel and then split the cases. Then replace the broken bits and put it back together. You need to have a fair amount of mechanical skill and the right tools to achieve all that. If you don't have those, go back to the top of the page.

    Another option would be to find a replacement motor at a wrecker (or behind your local Post Office).:moped:
  3. haha damn, thanks I had a feeling it was going to turn into a job like that, I have a mate who is a mechanic so hopefully it will only be $ not $$$. See what happens, hoping for the best
  4. CT110's are almost impossible to kill. Does it really only do it changing into second ?? That's where they cop the most punishment from posties as they are going from first to second a lot. So yeh it could be 2nd. Did you over tighten the chain ??? Or was it so slack it jumped and packed up.
    Pull off the countersproket cover and take out the seal. have a look at the bearing there and make sure it has all its balls and is in good nick.
    Last rebuild done for me by a shop was $490.00 which is way too much.
    You can buy x postie bikes from Fowlers aution group for $1027.00 unreg with usually between 28 and thirty five thou on them. You should get another twenty out of them before you have to replace the piston and rings.
  5. Strangely enough yeah it only does it in second gear, not changing but once you are in second it just starts banging and doesnt stop until you change or arent moving. nah the chain was way past its useby and needed replacing came off the back and wrapped around the front and locked up. The neighbour mechanic apparently has some of it apart now, dad stole it and got him to look at it for me so, he reckons the gearbox is rooted. Anyone know where I could get just parts to replace on the cheap? Uni students aren't known for their money...
  6. Give these guys a try. There great blokes and if they cant help you they will point you in the right direction.
    Are you in SE QLD by any chance. I know of one being wrecked now. And I am sure he would not want much for the motor. The motor is not great but the box is good.
    Ps plz dont go the after market gear lever or brake actuators at the hub. they are too soft and destroy the splines.
  7. Marsh please place the state you are posting from
  8. Sorry I'm in NSW just near Wollongong
  9. Bummer. Give them an email and see what they can do for you. I will see my mate in the morning and see what he wants for it. I will tell him its for me and maybe it wont cost much to post. If I can find the time I can pull it down to just the bottom end for cheaper postage but i'm not sure it would be much cheaper.
    Anywho mate glad to halp if I can.
    Or if you need it quick, find your local aus post depot.... not post office. and ask them who does their repairs. They just might have something that has thrown a rod or piston and will only be dumping it anyway.
  10. Thanks heaps any help is really appreciated. Yeah I try to avoid aftermarket where I can. I was actually talking to my mate the other day saying I should try and find a spare bike as a parts donor.
  11. Kewl always a good Idea. Same thing again. find your local aus post depot. Most posties are contractors these day. we have to buy our own bikes. So yeh lots of us have wreckers. but most just use the bolt on parts we break on our daily routines. Lots wont even change the rings they just buy new ones. I'm sure one could help you out. But yeh if you fail just pm and i will get it done for you.
  12. Awesome thanks a lot great help. See what I can do.
  13. hey mate,

    when you finally figure out what went wrong with ur bike id love to know.

    im also in the gong, my bike has bearing noise through all 4 gears (hopefully a better sign (i.e. primary drive bearing)

    also their is a bike mechanic in oak flats that services the aus post fleet. he would have the most experience of any mechanic in gong with these bikes
  14. Jay,

    I don't know if this will help but my problem is I took 3 teeth out of second gear.

    If anyone knows where I can get or has either a replacement gears/gearbox or entire engine thats not going to cost me an arm and a leg that would be great.

  15. cool, thanks for your reply, ive just ordered the toos (fly wheel puller, lock nut socket) i need from ebay to start my strip down. now i might know where to start looking.

    www.hondapartswarehouse.net and similar other websites have NOS parts you can order from exploded parts diagrams.

    however they dont have currnet diagrams/part numbers for recent ct110X, what i did was get the part number from my local honda shop (helpful but resentful, felt like i was asking them to run a marathon for me) then check the diagrams for older ct110's for part numbers, if they were the same i ordered them. you could try this. ordering from diagrams is very helpful as god knows what these parts are called.

    hope this helps
  16. sorry gave you a dud link

    i ment this one


    let me know where u found a gearbox, i might be chasing one myself soon :-({|=
  17. Is the clutch adjusted correctly? It might be a funny co-incidence, but adjusting the clutch adjusting screw/lock nut so the engine can cycle through gears cleanly, might be the ticket.

    I only say it because the other option would require pulling the engine apart completely. :( bummer.